IServerDirectoryInfo2 Interface

Provides access to properties of a server directory.


Name Description
Read-only property CleaningMode The mode by which the files in the server directory are cleaned (by age, by size or none).
Read-only property Description The description of the server directory.
Read-only property MaxFileAge The maximum age (in seconds) a file can be in the server directory before it is deleted, if the cleaning mode is by file age.
Read-only property Path The path of the output directory.
Read-only property Type The Type of server directory.
Read-only property URL The URL of the virtual directory that maps to the physical directory as described by the Path property.

IServerDirectoryInfo2.Type Property

The Type of server directory.

Public ReadOnly Property Type As esriServerDirectoryType
public esriServerDirectoryType Type {get;}

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IServerDirectoryInfo Provides access to properties of a server directory.

Classes that implement IServerDirectoryInfo2

Classes Description
ServerDirectoryInfo The ServerDirectoryInfo object which provides access to properties of a server output directory.

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