agsClientError Constants

AGS Client Error Codes.

Constant Value Description
AGS_​E_​CONNECTION_​CANCELLED -2147219199 AGS Connection Dialog Cancelled
AGS_​E_​INSECURE_​TOKENSERVICEURL -2147219198 Insecure (non-https) Token Service URL.
AGS_​E_​NO_​CONNECT_​INSECURE_​TOKENSERVICEURL -2147219197 Did not connect due to insecure (non-https) Token Service URL.
AGS_​E_​SERVICE_​STARTED_​WITH_​ERRORS -2147219196 The service started with errors.
AGS_​E_​REDIRECTION -2147219195 The connection URL is a redirection.
AGS_​E_​UPLOAD_​IS_​TOO_​LARGE -2147219194 The file to upload is larger than the maximum upload size defined by the service.

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