Mesh modification

Mesh modifications enable you to remove areas of integrated mesh scene layers and the elevation surface. There are two different ways to remove parts of the integrated mesh layers: by hiding content inside the specified polygons (referred to as clip); or by hiding content outside the specified polygons (referrred to as mask). You can add multiple mesh modifications to an ArcGISMeshModificationCollection. Once you have set up the ArcGISMeshModificationCollection with all mesh modifications you want to make, you can set it on an ArcGISIntegratedMeshLayer and ArcGISMapElevation.

clip clip removes the specified areaClip-out areas of integrated mesh scene layers to show other layers or actors in the area. For example, you can place custom buildings and landscapes in the area and combine with spatial data.
Mask mask displays only content within the specified areaDefine an area of interest with a polygon geometry to render only the area of the integrated mesh layer that falls inside the polygon. For example, if you want to show only an area of an integrated mesh within the boundaries of a city.

Polygons used to specify the area for mesh modification must have a spatial reference that matches the spatial reference of the ArcGIS Map. See global or local and When you need to know about spatial references topics to understand more about the spatial reference of the ArcGIS Map.

Apply mesh modification to layers

Create a polygon using ArcGISPolygonBuilder with a spatial reference matching the spatial reference of your ArcGIS Map. When you want to use the polygon for mesh modifications, get the geometry using the ToGeometry method.

Each ArcGISMeshModification requires an ArcGISPolygon and ArcGISMeshModificationType value of Clip or Mask.

Each integrated mesh scene layer and terrain can have multiple mesh modifications. Put all mesh modifications you want to apply to a specific layer or terrain into ArcGISMeshModificationCollection, then set the ArcGISMeshModificationCollection on the layer. For the terrain, set the mesh modification to the ArcGISMapElevation.

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