Get started

Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Sign in with an ArcGIS account

To access ArcGIS location services, you need an ArcGIS Developer account or ArcGIS Online account. Sign into your existing account or get a free ArcGIS Developer account. You may need to upgrade your existing account to an ArcGIS Developer account after signing up.

Get a free developer account

2. Download the plugin

Review system requirements and download the plugin.

Download the plugin

3. Set up an Unreal Engine project

Install Unreal Engine and the plugin, and set up an Unreal Engine project.

Install and set up

4. Get an API key

Create, manage, and scope API keys in your developer dashboard. For the detailed steps to create an API key, see the Create and manage an API key page. If you don't have the API keys page in your developer dashboard, upgrade your account to an ArcGIS Developer account.

Get an API key

5. Visualize your GIS data in Unreal Engine

Create a Level in Unreal Engine and add an ArcGIS Map. Use your API key to access the ArcGIS basemap layer service.

6. Explore samples

ArcGIS Map SDK for Unreal Engine includes a variety of plugin samples that demonstrate the use of ArcGIS capabilities in your Unreal Engine apps.

  • 3D attributes sample: apply different materials according to 3D object scene layer attributes
  • API sample: display map data using the C++ API
  • ArcGIS hit test sample: display 3D object scene layer feature ID through ray casting
  • Blueprints sample: display map data using the Blueprints
  • Components sample: display map data using the Components
  • OAuth sample: showcase how to load private content using ArcGIS identity

To access the Samples folder in Unreal Engine, open the Content Drawer and select Plugins > ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine Content > Samples. If the Plugin folder does not appear in the list, click Settings at the top right corner of the Content Drawer and select Show Plugin Content. It is necessary to provide your API key in order to use the plugin samples.

Additional samples are available on GitHub, which serve as starting templates for developing more advanced experiences. You can also submit issues and PRs to suggest new samples.

Explore samples

7. Deploy your app

Learn about the general guidelines and Terms of use before distributing your application for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or XR headsets.

Learn more

Next steps

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