Release notes

Version 1.0.0 - July, 2022.

This page provides details about enhancements in ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine version 1.0.0. It also lists this release's resolved issues, and known issues.

Updates from pre-release

The preset basemaps provided by ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine require an API Key. If you are using a preset basemap, be sure to set an API Key or the basemap will fail to load and the ArcGIS Map will appear blank. See Known issues.

Learn more about using API Keys with ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine here.


This section describes new features and improvements (what's new).


  • All the geometry API classes now have ArcGIS prefix
  • ArcGISLayerViewState error property now is the ArcGISViewStateMessage type
  • ArcGISViewState error property now is message and ArcGISViewStateMessage type
  • ArcGISElevationSourceViewState error property now is message and ArcGISViewStateMessage type
  • ArcGISLayerViewStateChangeEvent now returns a ArcGISLayerViewState
  • ArcGISViewStateChangeEvent now returns a ArcGISViewState
  • ArcGISElevationSourceViewStateChangeEvent now returns a ArcGISElevationSourceViewState
  • Added entity ArcGISViewStateMessage
  • Added entity ArcGISViewStateMessageType
  • ArcGIS3DModelLayer have been renamed to ArcGIS3DObjectSceneLayer
  • ArcGISRendererView and GameEngineView has been merged and named to ArcGISView
  • ArcGISPosition now is ArcGISPoint
  • basemap now exposes baseLayers and ReferenceLayers


  • ArcGIS Map View Component has been merged into ArcGIS Map Component


  • Clicking on the Create button in the Map panel will not create a camera automatically. The camera should be created from the Camera panel with the set position value.
  • Align with view button has been added to the Camera tab content. This button moves the Pawn that has an ArcGIS Location Component to the current editor camera position.
  • Preset basemaps have been updated to the ArcGIS Platform image tile layers (API key required).
  • Layers tab content updates:
    • Unsupported layer and Unknown layer have been removed from the layer types.
    • Visibility checkbox has been added for each layer. It is no longer necessary to change layer visibility using the layer opacity.
    • Authentication selector has been added to the Add Data section.
    • Zoom to layer function has been added. This function moves the editor camera position to see the full layer extent.
  • Help tab and content have been added.

Issues resolved

  • Modes Panel UI Authentication configuration selector issue

    Summary: The Authentication Configuration was going back to None after saving and reloading the level.

  • Mesh collider issue

    Summary: When elevation is enabled, the collider mesh of the terrain was not aligned with the surface. The collider mesh aligns with the surface when it is created with the version 1.0.0. (The collider mesh will not be updated when LOD changes.)

  • Unreal Engine crashes when trying to duplicate a layer from the Modes Panel UI

    Summary: When you try to duplicate a layer by clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting the option, Unreal Engine crashes.

    Workaround: Add the layer from the Add New Data section or use the Details panel to duplicate. If the change is not reflected in the Modes Panel UI, click on another tab and click the Layer tab again.

Known issues

  • A basemap that fails to load will cause all layers in the ArcGIS Map to fail to display.

    Summary: If you use a basemap that fails to load (for example, a preset basemap that requires an API Key, but no API Key is set), then the ArcGIS Map load process will be interrupted and the map will appear blank. This also impacts the SDK samples that use a preset basemap.

    Workaround: Be sure to set an API key when using one of the preset basemaps.

  • View state report propagated warning messages.

    Summary: The view state report is logging propagated error messages in the Output Log. However, this is not an actual error.

    Workaround: This issue does not impact your usage of the plugin. If you use the ArcGIS View State Logging Component in your level, you have the option to hide warnings.

  • Tile flashing

    Summary: While navigating in the level, a few tiles flash occasionally when elevation is enabled.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • OAuth edge case issue

    Summary: The authentication cannot be completed even if the sign-in is successful when there are expired sign-in pop-up windows from the previous private layer loading intent. Using or closing an expired pop-up window causes Unreal Engine to crash.

    Workaround: When the sign-in window pops up, always close the window by either signing in or closing it manually.

  • One image tile layer is still visible even after removing all.

    Summary: One image tile layer remains visible after removing all the raster tile layers in the level.

    Workaround: Save the level once and reload it.

  • Some parts of integrated mesh scene layers may flash while navigating around the area.

    Summary: When elevation is enabled in the scene, some parts of integrated mesh scene layer may flash.

    Workaround: Disable elevation.

  • Generated normal maps have geometric patterns when elevation is enabled.

    Summary: When elevation is enabled, generated normal maps have geometric patterns and are visible on the surface.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • Unreal Engine crashes after selecting tiles and moving the editor camera.

    Summary: While selecting tiles during the Editor mode, moving the editor camera causes Unreal Engine to crash because the selected tiles are not discarded.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • Changing the layer visibility on the Modes Panel UI doesn't take effect on the editor Viewport with a new level or after deleting all layers from the level.

    Summary: Changing the layer visibility by using the toggle checkbox under the Layer tab from the Modes Panel UI doesn't take effect on the editor Viewport with a new level or after deleting all layers from the level.

    Workaround: Click on the Play button and return to Editor mode.

  • Toggle visibility may not work in the Modes Panel UI or the Details panel when the ArcGIS Map is loaded.

    Summary: When loading the ArcGIS Map for the first time, the layers that are set to invisible are still being displayed in the Viewport during runtime or in editor mode.

    Workaround: Use C++ API or Blueprints to set layers. Alternatively, fix the issue by modifying lines 82, 87, and 92 of the ArcGISMapComponent.cpp file, replace true with LayerDefinition.bIsVisible. The file is in Plugins/ArcGISMapsSDK/Source/ArcGISMapsSDK/Private/Components.

  • ArcGIS Hit Test Sample returns an incorrect number instead of the feature ID.

    Summary: ArcGIS Hit Test Sample returns an incorrect number instead of the feature ID when clicking on a building during play mode.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • ArcGIS Location Component overwrites the actor's scale when it's attached.

    Summary: The actor's scale is overwritten by the configured scale in ArcGIS Location Component.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

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