Release notes

Version 1.3.0 - August, 2023.

This page provides details about enhancements, deprecations, resolved issues, and known issues in the 1.3 release of ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine.


This section describes new features and improvements (what's new).

Mesh modification

Support for mesh modification has been added, enabling you to include other GIS content without re-creating the underlying data. Clip and mask modifications can be made to integrated mesh scene layers and the elevation surface.

In this release, you can define and apply mesh modifications using the C++ API or Blueprints. Mesh modifications are not currently supported in the Modes Panel UI or components.

Spatial filtering

You may want to remove some parts of 3D object scene layers and building scene layers after they are added to your ArcGIS Map. Spatial filtering enables you to remove areas of 3D object scene layers and building scene layers in your ArcGIS Map by providing polygon geometries to specify the areas.

In this release, you can define and apply spatial filters using the C++ API or Blueprints. Spatial filters are not currently supported in the Modes Panel UI or components.


  • FeatureFilter property has been added to the ArcGIS3DObjectSceneLayer and ArcGISBuildingSceneLayer classes.
  • MeshModifications property has been added to the ArcGISIntegratedMeshLayer and ArcGISMapElevation classes.
  • ArcGISMeshModification class has been added to define the modification to apply to a layer or terrain.
  • ArcGISMeshModificationType enum has been added to define the type of mesh modification to perform.
  • ArcGISSpatialFeatureFilter class has been added to define the spatial feature filter to mask out parts of the layer.
  • ArcGISSpatialFeatureFilterSpatialRelationship enum has been added to keep features that are either inside or outside the polygon.


  • Create ArcGIS Polygon Collection is added to function as a collection of polygons that defines the area to filter.
  • A new ArcGIS Mesh Modification category is added to set the mesh modification type for the provided polygon area.
  • A new ArcGIS Mesh Modification Collection category is added to collect mesh modifications to apply them to the elevation source or integrated mesh scene layer.
  • A new node Create ArcGIS Spatial Feature Filter is added under ArcGIS Spatial Feature Filter for defining areas to filter features within 3D object scene layers and building scene layers.
  • New nodes Get Feature Filter and Set Feature Filter are added under ArcGIS 3D Object Scene Layer and ArcGIS Building Scene Layer categories.
  • New nodes Get Mesh Modifications and Set Mesh Modifications are added under ArcGIS Integrated Mesh Layer and ArcGIS Map Elevation categories.

OS and framework

Mac computers with Apple silicon are now supported for development and deployment. You can now use Unreal Engine 5.2 to develop your apps and deploy your apps to Mac computers with Apple silicon.


OS and framework

  • Support for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Version 1809 (Build 17763) and Windows Server 2019 Standard and Datacenter is deprecated. Version 1.3 is the last release to support these versions. A minimum of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Version 21H2 (Build 19044) and Windows Server 2022 Standard and Datacenter will be required at the next release.

  • Support for iOS 14 is deprecated. The last release to support iOS 14 is version 1.3. A minimum of iOS 15 will be required at the next release.

Issues resolved

  • Political boundaries not shown in Light/Dark Gray Canvas vector tile layers.

    Summary: When adding a Light/Dark Gray Canvas as a basemap or a vector tile layer, political boundaries are not displayed.

  • Disabled elevation sources are active during the Play mode.

    Summary: Elevation sources are active although they are disabled in the Modes Panel UI or the ArcGIS Map Component.

  • Unable to rebuild zipped Unreal Engine projects containing the SDK plugin.

    Summary: When opening a project that was zipped (File > Zip Project) in Unreal Engine that contains the SDK plugin, the project fails to rebuild.

  • Collider mesh does not update in response to changes in the current LOD displayed for layers in the scene.

    Summary: When collider meshes are enabled, they are generated only for the current LOD of layers in the scene. The collider mesh is not updated when layer content is updated with different LOD tiles.

Known issues

  • A basemap that fails to load will cause all layers in the ArcGIS Map to fail to display.

    Summary: If you are using a basemap that fails to load (for example, a preset basemap that requires an API Key, but no API Key is set) then the loading of the ArcGIS Map will be interrupted and it will appear blank. This also impacts the SDK samples that use a preset basemap.

    Workaround: Be sure to set an API key when using one of the preset basemaps.

  • View state report propagated warning messages

    Summary: When you subscribe to error messages using the view state report, propagated error messages are logged in the Output Log although it is not an error.

    Workaround: This issue does not impact the usage of the plugin. If you use the ArcGIS View State Logging Component in your level, you have the option to hide warnings.

  • Tile flashing

    Summary: While navigating in the level, a few tiles flash occasionally.

    Workaround: Disable hardware occlusion by following the Unreal Engine's documentation

  • OAuth edge case issue

    Summary: Authentication cannot be completed even if sign-in is successful when there are expired sign-in pop-up windows from a previous private layer loading attempt. Using or closing an expired pop-up window causes Unreal Engine to crash.

    Workaround: When the sign-in window pops up, always close the window by either signing in or closing it manually.

  • Some parts of integrated mesh scene layers flash while navigating around the area.

    Summary: When elevation is enabled in the scene, some parts of the integrated mesh scene layers flash.

    Workaround: Disable elevation.

  • The extent dimension values are incorrectly applied in the scene when the extent center is away from the Equator.

    Summary: When you set an extent in the area away from the Equator in an ArcGIS Map with a geographic coordinate system, the shape dimension is bigger than the values set for the extension.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • Services cannot be loaded with the item URL if non-ASCII characters are in the service URL.

    Summary: When there are non-ASCII characters in the service URL, the layer cannot be loaded by using the item URL.

    Workaround: Use the service URL that is encoded in UTF-8.

  • Mesh collider/Terrain occlusion issue

    Summary: When using an integrated mesh layer that dips below the elevation, the terrain occlusion mechanism is not showing the elevation but the collider still exists, which in some edge cases can make objects float above the integrated mesh.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • Android packaging issue (Unreal Engine 5.1 only)

    Summary: When you package to Android using Unreal Engine 5.1 and open the app on your phone, you might see the error message "Permission required, you must approve the permission in App Settings: Storage" but are unable to grant the storage permission.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • PCS (Projected Coordinate System) layer orientation changes

    Summary: After exiting out of Play mode while a PCS layer is loaded, the orientation of the layer changes in the Viewport.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • Unreal Editor crashes when you click Play immediately after opening the level

    Summary: When you click Play after opening a level without waiting for the editor mode to load completely, Unreal Editor crashes.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • Custom basemap name is lost after clicking Play

    Summary: The name for the custom basemap that is added from the Modes Panel UI will be automatically changed to User Basemap after clicking Play.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • RGBA initializers shown in rendered basemaps

    Summary: Some basemaps, when utilized with scenes, include RGBA value initiator labels (e.g. RGBA(255,12,87,0)) that don't represent actual map locations.

    Workaround: No workaround available.

  • On Zoom to Layer/Elevation, the editor camera is misaligned with the horizon in Unreal Engine 5.2.

    Summary: After you click "Zoom to Layer" or "Zoom to Elevation" then start and stop Play mode, the editor camera orientation is misaligned with the horizon.

    Workaround: Reset the editor camera in the Pawn actor.

  • Map tiles flash in GlobalComponent and LocalComponent samples when in editor mode in Unreal Engine 5.0 and running on Apple silicon-based Mac computers.

    Summary: Map data continuously flash when moving the editor camera in editor mode when you open GlobalComponent or LocalComponent sample using Unreal Engine 5.0.

    Workaround: No workaround is available in editor mode. The issue does not occur in Play mode. This issue is not present in Unreal Engine 5.1 and 5.2.

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