Vector tile layers

A vector tile layer contains vector representations of data across a range of scales that is provided by a vector tile service or vector tile package. In contrast to image tiles, vector tiles can adapt to the resolution of the device they are displayed on and restyled for multiple uses.

The spatial reference of the vector tile layers should match the spatial reference of the basemap.

Vector Tile layer

Vector tile services

A vector tile service is a type of data service that stores and provides access to vector tiles and vector tile-style resources.

You can use the following kinds of URLs for the source to add vector tile services to your ArcGIS Map:

  • Item page URL
  • Vector tile service URL
  • Vector tile style URL

You can learn more about vector tile services in the Mapping APIs and location services guide.

Local vector tile packages

A vector tile layer can also reference a vector tile package (.vtpk) to support scenarios with limited bandwidth or that are completely offline. Vector tile packages contain a collection of vector tiles and associated style resources.

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