AMD: require(["esri/views/3d/environment/FoggyWeather"], (FoggyWeather) => { /* code goes here */ });
ESM: import FoggyWeather from "@arcgis/core/views/3d/environment/FoggyWeather";
Class: esri/views/3d/environment/FoggyWeather
Inheritance: FoggyWeather Accessor
Since: ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.22

The FoggyWeather class allows you to change the weather conditions in the scene to foggy weather.



let view = new SceneView({
  container: "viewDiv",

  map: new Map({
    basemap: "satellite",
    ground: "world-elevation"
  environment: {
    weather: {
      type: "foggy",
      fogStrength: 0.8      // autocasts as new FoggyWeather({ fogStrength: 0.8 })

The weather visualization updates as soon as the property changes: = {
   type: "foggy",
   fogStrength: 0.4   // autocasts as new FoggyWeather({ fogStrength: 0.4 })
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new FoggyWeather(properties)
properties Object

See the properties for a list of all the properties that may be passed into the constructor.

Property Overview

Any properties can be set, retrieved or listened to. See the Working with Properties topic.
Show inherited properties Hide inherited properties
Name Type Summary Class
Stringmore details

The name of the class.

more detailsAccessor
Numbermore details

Specifies the amount of fog used in the scene.

more detailsFoggyWeather
Stringmore details

The type of Weather

more detailsFoggyWeather

Property Details

declaredClass Stringreadonly inherited

The name of the class. The declared class name is formatted as esri.folder.className.

fogStrength Number

Specifies the amount of fog used in the scene.

Default Value:0.5
type Stringreadonly

The type of Weather

For FoggyWeather the type is always "foggy".

Method Overview

Name Return Type Summary Class
FoggyWeathermore details

Creates a deep clone of this object.

more detailsFoggyWeather

Method Details


Creates a deep clone of this object.

Type Description
FoggyWeather Creates a new clone of the instance calling this method.

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