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Land cover classification using sparse training data


  • Please refer to the prerequisites section in our guide for more information. This sample demonstrates how to export training data and inference model using ArcGIS Image Server. Alternatively, these can be done using ArcGIS Pro as well.
  • If you have already exported training samples using ArcGIS Pro, you can jump straight to the training section. The saved model can also be imported into ArcGIS Pro directly.
  • This notebook requires ArcGIS API for Python version 1.8.1 or above.


This notebook showcases an approach to performing land cover classification using sparse training data and multispectral imagery. We will demostrate the utility of methods including the imagery_type and ignore_classes available in arcgis.learn module to perform training.

1) imagery_type parameter: The prepare_data function allows us to use imagery with any number of bands (4-band NAIP imagery in our case). This can be done by passing the imagery_type parameter. For more details, see here.

2) ignore_classes parameter: The Segmentation or Pixel Classification model allows us to ignore one/more classes from the training data while training the model. We will ignore the 'NoData' class in order to train our model on sparse data.

The image below shows a subset of our training data.