Changelog for 1.7.0

August 2023


  • action-bar, action-pad, action-group: Add label properties for group context (#7415) (b34f36d)
  • combobox: Add "single-persist" selection mode (#7583) (dab06a3)
  • flow: Add support for custom flow-item elements (#7608) (197adfe)
  • input-date-picker: Normalize year to current century for user typed values only (#7638) (a1db718)
  • input-number: Add integer property (#7646) (cd66a6d)
  • input-time-picker: Support fractional seconds (#7532) (c2bf34b)
  • meter: Add meter component (#7401) (47163ed)
  • sheet: Add sheet component (#7561) (f12a393)
  • sheet: Update default widths (#7617) (47d2c0b)
  • shell: Add "sheets" slot (#7579) (e798765)
  • table: Add table and related components (#7607) (b067e72)

Bug fixes

  • Add drag styles for improved UX (#7644) (afbb764)
  • Ensure label only focuses the first labelable child (#7553) (426159c)
  • Fix open/close event emitting in Safari (#7551) (a68b053)
  • Make sure components are defined in environments like in codesandbox (#7632) (7005cce)
  • accordion, accordion-item: Improve a11y (#7560) (b5170b6)
  • action-bar: Restore "bottom-actions" slot functionality. (#7535) (3aa9afa)
  • block, block-section: Improve a11y (#7557) (1f44f6b)
  • chip-group: Add existence checks (#7586) (5ca64f1)
  • color-picker: Update value when alphaChannel is toggled (#7563) (1f753dd)
  • combobox: Prevent deselecting items via keyboard in "single-persist" mode (#7634) (4f5f8b0)
  • combobox: Update combobox height to follow design spec (#7558) (ec08845)
  • date-picker: Set start of week to monday in zh-CN (#7578) (7e385cb)
  • dropdown: Prevents navigating dropdown items with Tab key (#7527) (3ea658d)
  • flow: Catch error when beforeBack promise is rejected (#7601) (cb70671)
  • input-date-picker, input-time-picker: Do not show dropdown affordance when read-only (#7559) (5a3f19c)
  • input, input-number: Correctly sanitize numbers when pasting string with "e" (#7648) (b8bc11c)
  • list, sortable-list, value-list: Emit calciteListOrderChange when dragging between lists (#7614) (4653581)
  • list: Fixes dragging nested list items (#7555) (c25f7b3)
  • list: Stop emitting calciteListChange when a list-item is disabled or closed. (#7624) (7008463)
  • loader: Tweak loading animations to work in Safari (#7564) (2103654)
  • modal: Catch error when beforeClose promise is rejected (#7600) (70405d0)
  • modal: Handle removal of open attribute and prevent multiple beforeClose calls (#7470) (f31588f)
  • rating: Adds focus outline on click (#7341) (af30073)
  • segmented-control: Refresh items when added dynamically (#7567) (2e36eb3)
  • split-button: Update divider and borders to follow design spec (#7568) (8df59ab)
  • tree-item: Move focus outline to item label area (#7581) (1327cef)
  • tree-item: Updates state when selection changes programmatically for selection-mode="ancestors" (#7572) (40758c5)
  • tree: Improve keyboard navigation (#7618) (826a5cb)


The 4.27 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.4.2. If you are using version 4.26 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.0.7 release.

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