Changelog for 2.3.0

January 2024


  • action-bar, action-pad, block, flow-item, panel: Add overlayPositioning prop for built-in menus (#8633) (714b889)
  • tab: Add --calcite-tab-content-block-padding to override built-in block-padding (#8629) (7dae525)

Bug Fixes

  • action-menu: Clicking an action menu item should call click event. (#8627) (b12ef6b)
  • list-item: Always show hover and pointer styling (#8622) (4a8a91a)


The 4.28 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.9.2. If you are using version 4.27 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.4.2 release.

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