Changelog for 1.10.0

October 2023


  • block: Ensure chevron is always displayed (#8014) (95fecb2)
  • navigation-logo: Adds icon and iconFlipRtl properties (#8054) (049056d)
  • stepper,stepper-item: Adds support for built-in translations (#8002) (bb91624)

Bug fixes

  • Floating components will now get an initial position even if they are not opened (#8001) (78b680d)
  • button, fab, inline-editable, split-button: Prevent redundant opacity when button is both loading and disabled (#8015) (3a1d3fd)
  • combobox:
    • Fix issue causing value to be cleared when selecting an item (Windows + trackpad) (#7954) (557d658)
    • Clear custom input value on blur (#8070) (327ff06)
    • Ensure icon scales are consistent (#8075) (babba3b)
  • filter: Corrects the accessible label (#8069) (c203084)
  • flow-item: Update collapsed property when collapse button is clicked (#7960) (f6fd55f)
  • icon: Use pixel sizes for icons (#8009) (49085d5)
  • input-date-picker, input-time-picker: Adjust chevron scale accordingly (#8012) (f894f80)
  • input-time-zone:
    • Fix handling of unknown and cityless time zones from offset display mode (#7947) (75e0302)
    • Allow searching offsets by Etc/x time zone (#7978) (2c34b42)
    • Fix error caused by time zone group filtering (#7971) (521673e)
    • Fix city translations (#8058) (7df7e1f)
  • list-item: Restore tabbability when an item's disabled prop is toggled (#8042) (c970603)
  • pagination: Prevents console error when page-size is set to zero (#8017) (d09d485)
  • panel: Fix collapse action title and reverse icon direction (#7927) (5f620f8)
  • segmented-control-item: Fix text color contrast (#8036) (ede8c43)
  • stepper: Selects next enabled stepper-item when first one is disabled (#8004) (e0ed54e)
  • table: Improve scrollbar display (#7967) (593a1bf)


The 4.28 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.9.2. If you are using version 4.27 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.4.2 release.

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