Changelog for 2.7.0

March 2024


  • button: Add download property (#8882) (fc55dde)
  • color-picker: Add clearable prop and deprecate allowEmpty (#8910) (f036ac2)
  • table-row: Add alignment property (#8961) (1f81fd7)
  • tabs: Make component responsive (#8616) (83a2ef4)
  • tile: Add content-top and content-bottom slots, deprecate content-start and content-end slots (#8984) (eb000d8)

Bug Fixes

  • calcite-design-tokens: Fix invalid font stacks (#8964) (d55186a)
  • action-menu, combobox, dropdown, popover, tooltip: Use click instead of pointerdown for click contexts (#8943) (cd7eed9)
  • card: Do not apply text color to slotted footer items (#8839) (30a2068)
  • combobox: Prevent spacebar from opening the menu when focused on chip's close button (#8990) (1a20d0e)
  • dropdown: Correct positioning behavior when inside a scrollable container (#8973) (2524391)
  • input-time-picker: Update toggle icon color (#8955) (ce3ac5c)
  • input, input-number, input-text: Ensure values are initialized properly for dist and components output targets (#8997) (9152211)
  • list, list-item: Calcite-select becomes unresponsive in a list-item if drag-disabled is true (#8957) (e408c62)
  • list: Fix filter box when scrolling in Safari (#8938) (ea8ea1e)
  • popover: Prevent disabled reference elements from toggling popover (#8983) (9f4b14b)
  • stepper: Fix layout when switching modes dynamically to horizontal-single (#8946) (01f58bf)
  • table: Prevent duplicate scrollbars in certain browsers (#8962) (8434eeb)
  • tab: Style focus outline of tab content (#8804) (8f0133f)

Performance updates

  • Update transition-default Tailwind util to only target common, animatable properties (#8797) (f4d016b)



The 4.29 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 2.4.0. In your application, we recommend using the same version or any version greater than ^2.4.0. For example, ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript is using 2.5.1 in the following Calcite samples.

If you are using version 4.27 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.9.2 release.

Your browser is no longer supported. Please upgrade your browser for the best experience. See our browser deprecation post for more details.