Changelog for 1.11.0

November 2023


  • angular-wrapper: Add angular wrapper (npm)
  • combobox: Limit display of selected items with new selection-display prop (#7912) (58317ae)
  • date-picker: Make component responsive (#7872) (f131218)
  • input, input-date-picker, input-number, input-text, input-time-picker: Truncate value and placeholder when input is narrow (#8160) (533eff3)
  • list-item: Add content-bottom slot for placing content below the label and description of the component (#8183) (7d400fb)
  • list: Specify the element types in the calciteListOrderChange event detail. (#8123) (3e81d7e)
  • pagination: Introduce responsive design for xxsmall breakpoint (#8150) (ab20eb0)
  • stepper-item: Remove support for previousStep and nextStep in messages (#8222) (213b31d)
  • stepper: Enable responsive layout (#7744) (687ca2b)

Bug Fixes

  • accordion-item: Update expanded chevron color (#8087) (d3d7688)
  • action: Ensure action content is correctly spaced (#8184) (b18dcc8)
  • action: Update transparent action styles (#8194) (0f12489)
  • block-section: Wraps long text over to a new line when toggle switch is displayed (#8101) (3f90780)
  • checkbox: Make label property public (#8181) (d3b9c1f)
  • combobox-item: Hide disabled item icon (#8095) (36552f3)
  • input-date-picker: Fix date-picker wrapper displaying beyond its bounds (#8172) (01ec024)
  • input-number: Prevents mutating value on blur (#8226) (b89a893)
  • input-time-zone: Fix Indian/Christmas time zone translation (#8096) (d79d591)
  • list-item, stack: Stretch action-menu and handle when placed inside a list-item or stack. (#8185) (8a16a69)
  • list-item, stack: Stretch dropdown when placed inside a list-item or stack (#8204) (05e6b65)
  • list-item: Adds border between grouped and ungrouped list-items (#8134) (b3c331c)
  • list-item: Fix rendering of open icon. (#8207) (a6e1766)
  • panel, flow-item: Remove overflow rule (#8055) (d0c3ed2)
  • split-button: Fix width layout (#8133) (051f332)
  • angular: Publish from the dist directory (#8151) (d813f14)


The 4.28 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.9.2. If you are using version 4.27 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.4.2 release.

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