Changelog for 1.8.0

September 2023


  • flow: Split up custom flow item interfaces (#7666) (6c22e7c)

Bug fixes

  • Resolve vite errors due to using expressions in dynamic imports (#7671) (b4c1038)
  • action-group: Honor flex-grow on slotted actions (#7690) (0777234)
  • block: Provide textual name on collapse and expansion to AT (#7652) (85bd71b)
  • input-date-picker: Apply default numbering system to avoid browser inferring from locale (#7682) (3e1ed2d)
  • input-time-zone: Prevent items from being deselected (#7661) (c2dd436)
  • list-item: Do not call preventDefault on enter key within slotted actions (#7684) (c3261f0)
  • list: Remove unnecessary z-index (#7678) (1f4cd97)
  • modal: calciteModalClose should emit on close button click (#7680) (796bf90)
  • sheet:
    • calciteSheetClose should emit on scrim click (#7685) (6ae963e)
    • Update shadow style in display-mode="float" (#7664) (851bedb)
  • table: Allow wrapping text in table-header and table-cell (#7665) (15cb2bf)
  • time-picker: Focus corresponding input when nudge buttons are clicked (#7650) (9c7d846)


The 4.27 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.4.2. If you are using version 4.26 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.0.7 release.

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