Changelog for 1.6.0

August 2023


  • action-bar: Add "actions-end" slot (deprecates "bottom-actions") (#7435) (1bf14ff)

Bug fixes

  • Fix SSR build error caused by browser-sniffing util (#7461) (e5381fa)
  • Prevent vitetest/ssr errors due to defining components on the server (#7521) (046672e)
  • action-bar, action-pad: Add native tooltip to expand action (#7452) (9673ef7)
  • button, card, fab, inline-editable: Provides context to AT users when loading (#7257) (df33eda)
  • accordion: Restore accordion-items working with accordion across shadow DOM (#7466) (bedb5db)
  • block: Defaults the status icon to scale="s" (#7503) (e1aee99)
  • chip-group: Add existence checks (#7487) (33225a7)
  • combobox: Prevents navigation list with Space key (#7505) (58e2ff2)
  • flow-item: Use a native tooltip for the back button (#7442) (f38167b)
  • input: Fix clearable from throwing an error when value is undefined (#7476) (633c2cd)
  • list: Add missing drag handle locale strings (#7462) (2b5463e)
  • panel:
    • Add native tooltip to close button. (#7434) (70b45cf)
    • Allow panel content to take full height. (#7454) (b6bf54f)
    • Correct header and action-bar z-indexing display issues (#7440) (db7eac7)
    • Fix heading border when only text content is slotted (#7491) (7704400)
  • progress: Completes animation for dir="rtl" (#7511) (c5d6ada)
  • scrim:
  • slider:
    • Numbers remain on one line for locales with space group separators (#7472) (2747b22)
    • Rerender ticks when prop is modified (#7439) (20058a9)
  • tree: Selects all child items when selection-mode is set to ancestors (#7518) (f1eef84)


The 4.27 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.4.2. If you are using version 4.26 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.0.7 release.

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