Changelog for 2.8.0

April 2024


  • Add calciteInvalid event for form validation (#9211) (a504508)
  • Add validity property to form components (#9210) (e49902b)
  • carousel: Add Carousel and Carousel Item components (#8995) (b1ba428)
  • enforce-ref-last-prop: Add fixer (#8671) (688bc51)
  • Ensure all components inherit font-family (#8388) (90f8923)
  • input-time-zone: Add readonly support (#9111) (153a122)
  • input-time-zone: Allow clearing value (#9168) (193bb7d)
  • list-item-group: Update list item group styles (#9072) (c734849)
  • navigation-logo: Add heading level (#9054) (c2beba8)
  • pagination: Add navigation methods (#9154) (5ca6a5f)
  • slider: Add support for custom label formatting (#9179) (710d1ee)
  • slider: Allow configuring fill behavior (#9170) (1b2cdbf)
  • tile, tile-group: Support single, multi, single-persist, none selection modes and icon and border selection appearances (#9159) (2d77470)

Bug Fixes

  • action: Maintain equal height when text is not enabled in a small scale (#9051) (407824a)
  • chip-group: Improve programmatic Chip selection behavior (#9213) (b7a4c77)
  • combobox: Update the focus and hover chevron icon color (#9187) (a1317da)
  • combobox, input-time-zone: Improve readOnly behavior and styling (#9222) (606d80f)
  • combobox: Fix aria-role for proper voiceover support (#9039) (eebe8ca)
  • combobox: Update the focused chevron icon color (#9202) (27ac02d)
  • date-picker: Ensure proximitySelectionDisabled resets range on post-range-commit selection (#9171) (f466b14)
  • date-picker: Restore focus on date when navigating month with arrow/page keys (#9063) (db109e0)
  • Fix memory leak affecting components using conditionally-rendered slots (#9208) (28701b6)
  • input-date-picker: Update the focus and hover chevron icon color (#9146) (ca895e9)
  • input-time-zone: Ensure selected item is properly displayed when there are other items with the same offset (#9134) (1f94903)
  • input, input-number, input-text, input-date-picker, input-time-picker, filter, menu-item: Ignore canceled events and enforce cancellations where needed (#8952) (d0fa977)
  • list, list-item, list-item-group: Improve drag experience by indenting items (#9169) (88aab49)
  • list, list-item: Support keyboard sorting in screen readers (#9038) (b2e1b9b)
  • list: Closed list-items no longer render extra space (#9031) (3985004)
  • panel: Support cancelling the esc key event to prevent closing a panel (#9032) (ecfa5f1)
  • preset: Update the focus outline color (#9098) (725f47c)
  • radio-button: Display validation message in parent group (#9218) (b1e869f)
  • select: Update the focus and hover chevron icon color and select focus and hover background color (#9160) (b187340)
  • slider: Fix fill placement and tick styling when ranged (#9204) (a84d831)
  • slider: Improve snapping + step logic (#8169) (8b83042)
  • slider: Rename highlightPlacement to fillPlacement (#9195) (9e5a713)
  • slider: Style ticks according to the fill placement (#9196) (5eb4e10)
  • stepper-item: Remove delay in highlighting item (#8996) (bcf23dd)
  • tab-nav: Fix custom element creation error in components build output (#9021) (cc8eb99)
  • tree-item: Do not select when chevron clicked (#9115) (99ad8f1)


The 4.30 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 2.8.5. In your application, we recommend using the same version or any version greater than ^2.8.5.

If you are using version 4.29 it is recommended to use Calcite's 2.4.0, or any version greater than ^2.4.0.

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