Changelog for 2.1.0

December 2023


  • Add validation-message and validation-icon attributes to form components for new internal calcite-input-message (#8305) (a554cfd)
  • Provide legacy CSS custom props for backwards compatibility (#8355) (b0f063e)
  • design tokens:
  • dropdown-item: Add disabled support (#8312) (4c311c6)
  • list-item: Add calciteListItemToggle event. (#8433) (1d2fa04)
  • list:
    • Add calciteListDragStart and calciteListDragEnd events for when a drag starts and ends. (#8361) (1314605)
    • Add drag event details to calciteListDragStart and calciteListDragEnd events (#8438) (e199c08)

Bug Fixes

  • Use Stencil watchers instead of global attributes util (#8407) (c531d81)
  • floating-ui: Improve floating element performance (#8409) (4d8cfb8)
  • design tokens:
    • color tokens: Fix errors in schema (#8446) (f36a90e)
    • color-context tokens: Only apply when .calcite-mode-auto is applied (#8344) (19de817)
    • Replace "\n" to support Windows for tokens output (#8352) (02cf5d5)
  • action-menu:
    • Filter hidden or disabled actions via keyboard. (#8336) (11c0007)
    • Fix closing action menu after a drag occurs (#8339) (dcb8548)
    • Keep internal popover open property in sync (#8387) (38dff7c)
  • dropdown-item: Avoid hover/active styling when disabled (#8398) (35817dc)
  • input-date-picker: Ensure range input toggling is consistent (#8414) (cd92586)
  • input-date-picker: No longer emits redundant change event (#8341) (cd5b92b)
  • input-date-picker: Respect the numberingSystem property when rendering the input (#8383) (395b538)
  • list-item: Drag grid cell should be accessible via arrow keys. (#8353) (2718ab3)
  • menu-item: Improve keyboard navigability when href populated (#8408) (5b44798)
  • modal: Ensure document overflow styles are properly restored when multiple modals are closed/removed (#8390) (f2c6b09)
  • shell-panel: Adds border at the start when slotted in panel-end (#8314) (2d1a1e2)
  • shell, shell-panel: Support resizing shell panel when there is an iframe slotted in shell content (#8317) (e0f69c9)
  • stepper: Emits calciteStepperItemChange event when switched to first step (#8422) (508979f)
  • table-cell: Fix background css variable (#8439) (9e5c59b)
  • tab: Prevent vertical scrollbar on content pane when the height of outer elements are specified (#8399) (9e6d901)


The 4.28 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.9.2. If you are using version 4.27 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.4.2 release.

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