Changelog for 2.2.0

January 2024


  • Use input-message to display validation messages for invalid fields after form submission (#8574) (fd392fe)
  • action-menu: Close menu on blur instead of on tab key. (#8577) (ccfbd0c)
  • checkbox, combobox, input-date-picker, input-time-picker, segmented-control, select: Add required property (#8517) (72a1ce4)
  • handle, block, list-item: Improve drag handle tooltip to include item label (#8584) (6e643e2)
  • handle:
    • Add blurUnselectDisabled property to disable unselecting handle on blur. (#8483) (4d665cc)
    • Add selected property and calciteHandleChange event. (#8484) (d2e9880)
  • list-item:
    • Add dragSelected property and calciteListItemDragHandleChange event (#8524) (4db2eb7)
    • Add tooltip for expanding and collapsing (#8612) (4964491)
  • list:
    • Add "filter-no-results" slot to display content when no filtered items are shown (#8569) (f1fc7f6)
    • Introduce clearer unselected state (#8510) (f1e836c)
  • radio-button-group, segmented control: Add validationMessage, validationIcon, and status properties (#8561) (d4c5efc)
  • Reflect validationIcon property (#8583) (b3d38b3)
  • table-header: Add style when within a selected Table Row (#8449) (13cfe75)
  • tabs: Emit selection-related events when selection is modified after closing the selected tab (#8582) (b15c940)
  • tile: Add visual scales (#8496) (7638ec4)

Bug Fixes

  • Allow users to control tabindex on interactive components (#8166) (b15c052)
  • action: Update component tokens to support transparent (#8532) (81cb5cc)
  • button: Avoid needlessly overwriting title (#8491) (350a983)
  • color-picker: Emit color change when nudging color channels by using the shift key (#8579) (4250598)
  • combobox: Only allow deleting visible chips with the keyboard (#8603) (2d38241)
  • date-picker: Prevent console error when selecting just an end date for input date picker (#8444) (c0e51c3)
  • filter: Prevent console warning from displaying to end users (#8458) (0de7646)
  • input-date-picker:
    • Ensure range icon toggles open corresponding date-picker (#8554) (cfafd15)
    • Resolve a hard to reproduce number formatter caching issue that occurred due to the countdown delay in queued Alerts. (5f4fa3e)
  • input-message: Add missing margin to scale="s", spacing CSS variable has effect (#8592) (49b0a20)
  • input, input-number, input-text: Restore focus on input after browser validation error is displayed and user continues typing (#8563) (5897965)
  • input, input-number: Support setting value property to Infinity (#8547) (f6ac698)
  • list, list-item, list-item-group: Honor hidden attribute on list-item and list-item-group (#8541) (3851dc6)
  • list-item: Store last focused cell from focusing on elements within a cell. (#8494) (28f93b4)
  • list:
    • Correct selectedItems value when list is filtered (#8481) (9de1922)
    • Fix event detail newIndex when down arrow pressed to sort (#8462) (b3d5169)
    • Fix keyboard arrow navigation (#8470) (57fdaa4)
  • modal: Ensure focus trapping in dynamically created, subsequently opened modals (#8593) (4ec6b94)
  • table:
    • Fix double border on bordered Table Rows in table-footer (#8509) (c16ea33)
    • Improve Table overflow behavior (#8424) (79743e1)
  • text-area: Prevent infinite render loop when max-length property is defined (#8610) (f30d933)


  • Chore(modal): remove e2e tests that are covered by dedicated openClose commonTests helper (#8392) (#8471) (4bedf99)


The 4.28 release of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript supports Calcite version 1.9.2. If you are using version 4.27 it is recommended to use Calcite's 1.4.2 release.

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