Editing with calculated field expressions

This sample demonstrates how to work with calculated field expressions while editing with the Editor widget. The FeatureForm widget provides the ability to calculate values by setting the field element's valueExpression. This property takes a reference to the name of an Arcade expression defined in the expressionInfos of the FormTemplate. Since the Editor widget consumes FeatureForm functionality, any set valueExpressions are automatically recognized.

Upon editing or creating a new tree, the Editor's form displays with a configured FormTemplate. This template contains groupings of field elements in which some of these field elements contain a valueExpression. For example, upon creating a new feature or selecting an existing feature, the Nearest address field automatically updates to display the nearest address to the point's location. Take note that the expression must follow the specification defined by the Form Calculation Profile, it references the $feature profile variable and the Address points layer within the $map.

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