AuthenticationChallenge QML Type

Represents authentication challenges from secured network security errors. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework 1.0



Detailed Description

Instances of AuthenticationChallenge represent an authentication challenge that was raised because a security error was encountered while trying to access a secured network resource. You can connect to the authenticationChallenge signal in the Networking component to handle challenges raised from security errors.

To satisfy the challenge, you need to invoke the continueWithCredential method and pass a valid token.


AuthenticationChallengeType enumeration

The type of authentication challenge being made. Informs the authenticationChallengeType property.


Property Documentation

authenticationChallengeType : AuthenticationChallengeType

Returns the AuthenticationChallengeType enumeration of this authentication challenge (read-only).

This is useful for displaying a user interface to the user for a credential when a resource fails to load.

requestUrl : string

Returns the URL being accessed that led to this authentication challenge.

Method Documentation

continueWithCredential(var credential)

Attempts to continue the authentication, using credentials provided by the parameter.

The credential parameter

The credentials being used to continue with the authentication. This could be either the same credentials used before, or new credentials. Be aware that this parameter only accepts tokens.

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