ZipFileInfo QML Type

The ZipFileInfo component provides information about a .ZIP compressed file. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework 1.0



Detailed Description

The ZipFileInfo component reads and returns file information about a zip archive and its contents. It works similarly to the FileInfo component, but is only capable of reading zip archives and their contents.

This is a read-only component; it contains no capability to write to or alter any details of a compressed file, it can only read them.

This code sample demonstrates using multiple properties obtained through ZipFileInfo to provide a console log of a zip archive's contents.

Item {
        ZipReader {

        Button {
                text:"Zip FileInfo"
                        var zipfileinfo = zipreader.fileInfo("qt.txt")
                        console.log(("The file %1 within the zip file has a compressed size of %2 bytes
                        and was last modified at %3").arg(zipfileinfo.fileName).arg(zipfileinfo.compressedSize).arg(zipfileinfo.lastModified))

Property Documentation

[read-only] compressedSize : int

Returns the size of the compressed file in bytes.

For example, a 336 kilobyte compressed file will return 336000.

[read-only] crc : ulong

Runs the cyclic redundancy check (CRC) code, used to prevent accidental changes to raw data.

[read-only] fileName : string

Returns the name of the compressed file.

[read-only] filePath : string

Returns the path to the compressed file, including the file name.

[read-only] lastModified : time

Returns the date and time the file was last modified.

[read-only] path : string

Returns the path to the compressed file, not including the file name.

[read-only] size : int

Returns the uncompressed file size in bytes.

For example, a file 413 kilobytes when uncompressed will return 413000.

[read-only] suffix : string

Returns the last characters of a file's name, after the last dot.

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