SqlAbstractFunction QML Type

Provides tools for other function components. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Sql 1.0
Inherited By:

SqlAggregateFunction and SqlScalarFunction


Detailed Description

The SqlAbstractFunction component is a parent component of SqlScalarFunction and SqlAggregateFunction, and provides properties to assist them. These components can only be used if the SqlDatabase being used has driverName set to QSQLITE.

Property Documentation

argumentTypes : QStringList

Returns a list of arguments. By default is ["*"], a special value that indicates any number of arguments is allowed, and no type conversion is performed.

If a list is of types is supplied, each argument is converted to the specified type before being passed through the defined function. The number of types in the list also specifies the required number of arguments.

Valid argument types are var (which does no type conversion), string, bool, boolean, int, color, url, date, double, number, real

deterministic : bool

Returns true if the function is deterministic. Otherwise, returns false. By default is set to true.

name : string

Returns the name of the function.

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