ActivityRecognizer QML Type

(BETA) Uses activity and motion recognition to determine if the user is stationary, walking, running, or in a vehicle. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Sensors 1.0



Detailed Description

The ActivityRecognition component uses device and motion sensors to detect the user's current activities. For example, it can determine if the user is stationary, walking, running, or in a vehicle.

This functionality is only available on Android and iOS devices.


ActivityRecognizerState enumeration

Enum describing the current charge state of the activity recognizer. Informs the state property.


Property Documentation

[read-only] error : ActivityRecognizerError

Describes an error encountered in activity recognition.

[read-only] results : ActivityRecognizerResultsModel

Contains the results of the recognized activity updated when onResultsChanged is emitted. A result contains the detected activity of the device with associated confidence.

[read-only] state : ActivityRecognizerState

Returns the current state of the activity recognizer. Informed by the ActivityRecognizerState enum.

[read-only] supported : bool

Returns true if activity recognition is supported by the device. Otherwise, returns false.

updateInterval : int

Provides a value in milliseconds, with 1000 representing a one-second interval. The activity recognizer will update results based on this value for several seconds after the updateInterval value by the activity detection service. Be aware that sometimes, it may take longer to get a more accurate prediction.

Method Documentation


Start the activity recognizer to detect the device's current activity.


Stops the activity recognizer. All updates are removed.

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