Beacon QML Type

Represents a single beacon detected by the device. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Devices 1.0


Detailed Description

The Beacon component represents a single hardware beacon detected by an app.

A beacon is a device that sends a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) advertisement that contains a number of identifiers, one of which is more significant for grouping purposes. A beacon also sends calibrated transmission (Tx) power of the beacon's Bluetooth transmitter.

This component can only be instantiated from a BLE packet found by BeaconsInRegion signal provided by the BeaconDiscoveryAgent component. It cannot be instantiated itself.

This component is currently only supported on iOS and Android devices.

To use the Beacon component, you must first enable the Beacon capability in the Capabilities section of your app's Settings. The app can grant access to this capability using the enum value PermissionDialogTypeLocationAlwaysInUse in the PermissionDialog component.

Property Documentation

[read-only] distance : double

Returns an estimate of how far away the beacon is in meters. This is calculated based on the txPower and rssi properties.

[read-only] json : string

Returns a JSON object containing all details of the beacon. As well as the properties listed for this component, additional information such as the beacon's name and Bluetooth address may be returned only on Android devices. The following JSON object is an example of what may be returned on an Android device.

qml: {
  "objectName": "",
  "connected": true,
  "error": "",
  "name": "vivofit",
  "address": "10:C6:FC:82:18:37",
  "deviceType": 2,
  "readData": "",
  "writeData": "",
  "writeInBinary": false,
  "services": {
    "objectName": "",
    "count": 0
  "serviceClass": "",
  "rssi": 0

[read-only] majorNumber : string

Returns the most significant value in the beacon.

[read-only] minorNumber : string

Returns the least significant value in the beacon.

[read-only] rssi : int

Returns the radio signal strength indicator (RSSI) of the packet. This is used along with txPower to determine the distance property.

[read-only] txPower : int

The calibrated transmission power of the beacon. This value is set by the manufacturer, and is transmitted with each packet to aid in calculating the distance property.

[read-only] uuid : string

Returns a 32-bit service UUID for the beacon. This is valid only for GATT-based beacons; if the beacon is a manufacturer data-based beacon, this property will return -1.

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