BeaconRegion QML Type

Interface to interact with regions of Bluetooth beacons. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Devices 1.0


Detailed Description

When using Bluetooth beacons, a region is a collective term for a group of Bluetooth beacons with specific identifying information; it's unrelated to the range of the beacon, or geographic location. The BeaconRegion component represents a collection of properties used to match beacons within a given region.

If you only intend to detect a single beacon, you can set the region to detect its specific UUID, major number and minor number.

Property Documentation

identifier : string

The identifier for the beacon region.

majorNumber : string

The value identifying a group of beacons.

minorNumber : string

The value identifying a specific beacon within a group.

uuid : string

The unique ID of the beacon region being targeted.

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