BarcodeFilter QML Type

Captures, reads and decodes barcodes through video feed. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Barcodes 1.0



  • decoded(string barcode, BarcodeDecoder::BarcodeType barcodeType, string barcodeTypeString, object points)


Detailed Description

The BarcodeFilter component provides specialized tools to read and decode a wide variety of barcode types. This component is specifically designed to be used with images, making a dedicated external barcode scanner unnecessary.

BarcodeFilter works through being installed as a filter in a VideoOutput object to work. This filter is fast efficient, but only works to search for barcodes through a video feed. Consider the BarcodeDecoder component for detection through images that can be edited elsewhere.

Item {
        BarcodeFilter {

                property string barcode: ""
                property int barcodeType: 0
                property string barcodeTypeString: ""

                id: barcodeFilter

                orientation: videoOutput.orientation

                decodeHints: BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintUPC_A
                        | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintUPC_E
                        | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintEAN_8
                        | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintEAN_13
            | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintUPC_EAN_EXTENSION
            | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintCODE_39
            | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintCODE_93
            | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintQR_CODE
            | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintCODE_128
            | BarcodeDecoder.DecodeHintTryHarder

                onDecoded: item.decoded(barcode, barcodeType, barcodeTypeString);

        VideoOutput {
                id: videoOutput
                anchors.fill: parent
                autoOrientation: true
                source: camera
                filters: [ barcodeFilter ]

Property Documentation

boundingRect : size

The rectangle to fit the barcode into.

decodeHints : int

Returns the number corresponding to the latest hint given by the decoder to return a more accurate scan. This is informed by the DecodeHints enum found in the BarcodeDecoder component.

[read-only] defaultBoundingRect : size

info : object

Returns an object containing information about the last attempt to capture a QR code, such as the capture time, resolution of the bounding rectangle, and whether the camera feed is flipped. Note that this does not include the result of a successful barcode scan.

orientation : int

A rotation you can define to compensate for any user rotation. This property accepts increments of 90 degrees, with positive values being anti-clockwise rotation and negative values being clockwise.

Signal Documentation

decoded(string barcode, BarcodeDecoder::BarcodeType barcodeType, string barcodeTypeString, object points)

Signal emitted when the BarcodeFilter has detected and decoded a barcode. This signal includes the string provided by the barcode, and the barcode type in both enum and string forms.

Note: The corresponding handler is onDecoded.

Method Documentation

size resolutionHint(object source, int decodeHints)

The source parameter

The decodeHints parameter

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