DataSource QML Type

Provides access to lines of data from a source device. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Devices 1.0
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Detailed Description

The DataSource component is used to connect to devices that either send or receive strings, such as a bluetooth printer.

DataSource is a parent of NmeaSource. DataSource can also receive NMEA strings, but if your workflow requires the use of devices that transmit NMEA strings, you should use NmeaSource.

For an example of this component in action, refer to the code sample for DeviceDiscoveryAgent.

Property Documentation

endOfLine : string

Holds the custom end of line terminator.

[read-only] receivedData : string

String that holds a line of data read from the source device.

sendData : string

A line of data to be written to the source device. Setting this property writes the data to the device.

source : object

Returns or sets the device that data is either being written to or read from. For example, to read or write from an external NMEA device, set the source as in the following code sample.

DataSource {
    id: dataSource

    source: externalReceiver

Device {
   id: externalReceiver

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