ImageAnalyzer QML Type

(BETA) Performs static image classification or object detection on a source image. More...

Import Statement: import ArcGIS.AppFramework.DeepLearning 1.0




Detailed Description

The ImageAnalyzer component utilizes deep learning models to perform static image classification or object detection on a source image.

This component is in beta. Elements are subject to change in future releases.

The following code sample performs image analysis on an image using a model file, returning the results in the console log.

Page {
    property url imageUrl: AppFramework.fileInfo("~/ArcGIS/Data/leaf_test.png").url
    property url modelFileUrl: AppFramework.fileInfo("~/ArcGIS/Data/leaf_classifier.tflite").url

    ImageAnalyzer {
        id: imageAnalyzer

        modelSource: modelFileUrl
        minimumScore: 0.5

        onFinished: {
            console.log("Results:", JSON.stringify(results, undefined, 2));

        onErrorChanged: {
            console.error("Error code:", error.errorCode, ", Error message:", error.errorMessage);

    Button {
        text: "Analyze"

        onClicked: {
            if(!imageAnalyzer.analyze(imageUrl)) {
                console.error("Error analyzing image")

Signal Documentation

finished(object results)

Signal emitted when the image analysis has been completed.

Note: The corresponding handler is onFinished.

Method Documentation

bool analyze(url source)

Begin analyzing the image provided by URL.

The source parameter

The URL of the image to analyze.

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