Query parameters for featuer layer.

Inheritance: FeatureLayerQueryParamsSqlQueryParams


gdbVersion optional

gdbVersion: string

Specify the geodatabase version to be queried.

geometry optional

geometry: IGeometry

The geometry of the spatial filter.

geometryPrecision optional

geometryPrecision: number

This option can be used to specify the number of decimal places for the returned geometries.

groupByFieldsForStatistics optional

groupByFieldsForStatistics: string[]

One or more jimuFieldName by which the values will be grouped for calculating the statistics.

objectIds optional

objectIds: number[]

Object IDs of records to be queried.

orderByFields optional

orderByFields: string[]

One or more jimuFieldName by which the features/records will be ordered.

outFields optional

outFields: string[]

The list of fields to be included in the returned result set.

outStatistics optional

outStatistics: StatisticDefinition[]

The definitions for one or more field-based statistics to be calculated.

page optional

page: number

Page number starts from 1, not 0.

pageSize optional

pageSize: number

Page size.

returnGeometry optional

returnGeometry: boolean

If true, the geometry of each result feature will be returned.

returnM optional

returnM: boolean

If true, m-values are included in the results if the features have m-values. Otherwise, m-values are not returned.

returnZ optional

returnZ: boolean

If true, z-values are included in the results if the features have z-values. Otherwise, z-values are not returned.

sqlFormat optional

sqlFormat: void | void | void

The sqlFormat parameter can be either standard SQL-92 standard or it can use the native SQL of the underlying data store native.

where optional

where: string

A where clause for the query.

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