The interface for all message actions. Message action executes when a matched message is received.


destroy: () => void

When a widget is removed, actions provided by this widget will be destroyed.

filterMessage: (messageMessage) => boolean

This indicates whether a specific message can trigger the filter message action. This method is used to filter messages in the message manager.

filterMessageType: (messageTypeMessageType, messageWidgetId?string) => boolean

This indicates whether or not the type of message can trigger the filter message action. This method is used in builder to filter the available actions.

getSettingComponentUri optional
getSettingComponentUri: (messageTypeMessageType, messageWidgetId?string) => string

This returns the action setting component uri. The returned value should match thesettingUri from the widget manifest. If no setting is required, null is returned.

This method is required for framework actions but optional for widget actions.

This setting component is used to configure the action according to the message.

id: string

The unique id of the action. For actions provided by a widget, the id is: widgetId + actionName.

label: string

The action label. To support i18n, use _action_${actionName} as the string key.

name optional
name: string

The action name.

onExecute: (messageMessage, actionConfig?any) => boolean | Promise<boolean>

The execution of the action when the message is matched.

onRemoveListen: (messageTypeMessageType, messageWidgetId?string) => void

When an action is removed from a message's listener, this function will be invoked.

widgetId optional
widgetId: string

The widget id that provides the action. If a widget id is not provided, the action is provided by the Jimu framework.

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