The redux store state.


appConfig: IMAppConfig

The immutable AppConfig JSON object contains information about the app's configuration. For more information, see the AppConfig Interface.

appContext: ImmutableObject<AppContext>

The immutable AppContext JSON object contains information about the app's context. Form more information, seeAppContext Interface.

appId: string

For the Experience Builder ArcGIS Online and Portal editions, appId is the itemId. For the Experience Builder Dev Edition, the appId is a value as a string such as 1 , 2, 3, etc. When the app is downloaded and deployed, the appId is null. When using ?config=<> to load app, the appId is the config url.

appInfo: IMAppInfo

The immutable AppInfo JSON object contains information about the app including the name, a text description, a username, thumbnail, id, etc.

appPath: string

The current path in the URL, which includes the page(p1).

appRuntimeInfo: IMAppRuntimeInfo

The immutable AppRuntimeInfo JSON object contains information about the app's mode ('Run'or 'Design'), the current rendered page, and others.

clientId optional
clientId: string

The OAuth2 app ID from the Portal specified in the portalUrl.

dataSourcesInfo: ImmutableObject<{ [dsId: string]: IMDataSourceInfo }>

dataSourcesInfo is an immutable object containing the immutable DataSourceInfo for each data source within an experience. See DatSourceInfo for more information.

isNetworkOffLine: boolean

Indicator as to whether network is offline.

isWebTier optional
isWebTier: boolean

Whether the portal is a Webtier portal.

jimuMapViewsInfo: ImmutableObject<{ [jimuMapViewId: string]: IMJimuMapViewInfo }>

jimuMapViewsInfo is an immutable object containing the immutable JimuMapViewInfo for each map view within an experince. See JimuMapViewInfo for more information.

portalSelf: any

The response of the portal self call, used to return the view of the portal as seen by the current user, whether anonymous or signed in. More information on the portalSelf call can be viewed via the ArcGIS REST API.

portalUrl optional
portalUrl: string

The portal url that the app will connect to, not ending in a slash. It will look like:

If the appConfig has a portalUrl, it will be copied to this property, or we'll get the portalUrl through other logic, such as via the browser URL, user input, etc.

The portalUrl can have a nullvalue. However, the portalUrl in appConfig will always be set via the builder.

queryObject: ImmutableObject<UrlParameters>

The parsed object of the The immutable UrlParameters interface JSON object. This includes the locale, the app id, the page id, etc.

userLocaleChanged: boolean

To track the user's locale and refresh the app once it has changed.

widgetsState: ImmutableObject<{ [widgetId: string]: any }>

widgetsState is an immutable object containing the widget id and its state.

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