The data source info.


gdbVersion optional


instanceStatus: DataSourceStatus

Data source instance status

needRefresh optional

needRefresh: boolean

For queriable data source only. For static data, the data does not need refresh. For auto refresh data, the data requires refresh when the refresh interval is arrived.

selectedIds optional

selectedIds: ImmutableArray<string>

Selected ids

selectedIndexes optional

selectedIndexes: ImmutableArray<number>

Although one data source has one selection only, but to widgets that can listen to the selection change, we'll save selection into main data source and all its views.

sourceVersion optional

sourceVersion: number

Whenever source of data source is changed, the sourceVersion need +1. The sourceVersion will be 1 when the data is loaded for the first time.

version optional

version: number

Whenever a data source is changed on the client side, the version need +1. The version will be 1 when the data is loaded for the first time.

widgetQueries optional

widgetQueries: ImmutableObject<object>

The query parameters widgets applied to the data source. The query does not have page info.

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