The data source info which provides status, count, selected ids, widget queries and more.


gdbVersion optional
gdbVersion: string

This property applies only to FeatureLayerDataSource. The gdbVersion applies to the gdb version used when querying/adding/updating a feature layer. For additional information, please see: Query (Feature Service/Layer) Version Management Service

instanceStatus: DataSourceStatus

The DataSourceInfo instanceStatus property indicates the create status of the data source. The instanceStatusis of type DataSourceStatus enum.

needRefresh optional
needRefresh: boolean

This property applies only to a QueriableDataSource. For static data, the data does not need refresh. For auto refresh data, the data requires a refresh on arrival of the refresh interval.

selectedIds optional
selectedIds: ImmutableArray<string>

An immutable array of selected DataSource ids.

selectedIndexes optional
selectedIndexes: ImmutableArray<number>

A single DataSource can only have a single selection, however for widgets that listen to the selection change, the selection is saved into the main data source and all its views.

sourceVersion optional
sourceVersion: number

Whenever the source of data source is changed, the sourceVersion is incremented +1. The sourceVersion is 1 when the data is loaded for the first time.

version optional
version: number

Whenever a data source is changed on the client side, the version is incremented +1. The version is 1 when the data is loaded for the first time.

widgetQueries optional
widgetQueries: ImmutableObject<{ [widgetId: string]: QueryParams }>

The query parameters widgets applied to the DataSource. The query does not have page info.

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