The widget manifest

Inheritance: WidgetManifestManifest


dataActions: DataActionProperty[]

The data actions provided by the widget

defaultSize optional
defaultSize: Size

The initial size the widget will be when added into an app.

dependency optional
dependency: string | string[]

Use this property to load third-party libraries. Pass an absolute URL to a library. See the Using third-party libraries guide for more information.

Alternatively, a widget can define its own dependencies by providing aDependencyDefine extension.

Pre-defined dependencies:

  • jimu-arcgis: will load the jimu-arcgis package that will load the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.
exbVersion: string

The framework version that the widget/theme depends on.

extensions optional
extensions: ExtensionProperties[]

Extensions provided by the widget.

i18nMessages: any

This property is added in runtime.

Save the current locale only, but not the default locale. The default string should be written in manifest. There are some conventional keys:widgetLabel: the widget label. _actionlabel: the action label. _extlabel: the extension label. _layout_label: the layout label.

label: string

This should be same as the _widgetLabel value in translation/default.ts

layouts optional
layouts: {}[]

Valid only when the hasEmbeddedLayout is true.

messageActions: BaseActionProperty[]

The message actions provided by the widget.

name: string

The name must be unique and same as folder name.

properties optional
properties: WidgetManifestProperties

Widget manifest properties

publishMessages: MessageType | PublishMessageProperty[]

The message types published by the widget.

translatedLocales: string[]

By convention, the default locale is listed first.

version: string

The widget/theme version.

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