JimuMapViewComponentProps provides information about the JimuMapViewComponent.


onActiveViewChange optional
onActiveViewChange: (activeViewJimuMapView, previousActiveViewIdstring) => void

This function is called when the current active view of the map widget is changed. For example, it is called when clicking on the switch-map tool for multi-source maps or changing the DataSource for the map widget.

onViewGroupCreate optional
onViewGroupCreate: (viewGroupJimuMapViewGroup) => void

The JimuMapViewGroup is created once the first view is added. Views in the groups may be still not loaded after a group is created.

onViewsCreate optional
onViewsCreate: (views{ [viewId: string]: JimuMapView }) => void

This function is called once all of the JimuMapView instances have a JimuMapViewStatus of "LOADED".

useMapWidgetId: string

The map widget id selected within the JimuMapViewSelector component.

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