Extension points allow a widget to run code at certain specific times of the Experience Builder application lifecycle. The extension points supported by the Jimu framework are defined here.

Enumeration Members

Enumeration memberValueNotes

The extension used to manage the configuration in the app config when something happens. e.g. delete widget, duplicate widget, etc.


The process function of the AppConfigProcessor extension point will be invoked after the app config is loaded. Pass the loaded app config into this extension and this extension will return the processed app config.


The ContextTool extension point allows the developer to add additional tools to the context toolbar that shows when the widget is selected in the builder interface.


The DependencyDefine extension point is used to include third-party libraries. Usually the dependency property of the widget manifest should be used to load third-party libraries instead of this extension point. This extension point can be used as an alternative in case where the third-party library requires initialization.


A redux-based application has only one store. If a widget needs to use redux to manage its state, it can use the ReduxStore extension to extend the redux store.

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