The base interface for both widgets and themes.

Subclasses: WidgetManifest


exbVersion: string

A widget may only support certain framework versions due to breaking API changes, so this property allows the widget/theme to define the framework version that it supports. This version check is not currently enforced, but will be enforced in the future.

i18nMessages: any

You don't need to add this property in your code, this property is added at runtime.

Save the current locale only, but not the default locale. The default string should be written in manifest. There are some conventional keys:widgetLabel: the widget label. _actionlabel: the action label. _extlabel: the extension label. _layout_label: the layout label.

label: string

This should be same as the _widgetLabel value in translation/default.ts

name: string

The name must be unique and same as folder name.

version: string

The widget/theme version.

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