The dialog json. Dialog is the synonym of the Window in UI.

Inheritance: DialogJsonAbstractContainerJson


alwaysShowConfirmation: boolean

Valid when confirmBeforeClose is true. Whether the confirmation window displays again or not after it is checked.

border optional
border: BorderStyle

The dialog border style.

borderRadius optional
borderRadius: FourSidesUnit

The dialog border radius.

boxShadow optional
boxShadow: BoxShadowStyle

The dialog box shadow.

closeWhenClickOverlay: boolean

Close dialog when clicking outside.

confirmBeforeClose: boolean

Two interactions. Confirmation: true. Users must check the confirmation box before closing the dialog. "Don't show this again" option: false. It is optional. If checked, the window will not display again.

dialogBackground optional
dialogBackground: BackgroundStyle

The dialog background.

effect optional
effect: AnimationSetting

The animation for the entire dialog.

icon: string | IconResult

The dialog icon.

id: string

The dialog id.

index optional
index: number

To distinct the display order for dialog list. Each mode, Fixed and Anchored, has its own order list starting with 0.

interactionStyles: any

Details for interaction: checkbox text and font-size, button text and font-size.

interactionType: DialogInteractionType

Interaction is valid when the dialog mode is FIXED.

isSplash: boolean

If a dialog is a splash, the dialog will open automatically when the app get loaded. Only one fixed dialog can be set as splash.

The splash dialog id is not put in the URL, and can't be set as page dialog or link dialog.

label: string

The dialog label.

mode: DialogMode

The dialog mode.

oneByOneEffect optional
oneByOneEffect: AnimationSetting

The animation for all widgets inside the dialog.

overlayColor optional
overlayColor: any

The dialog overlay color.

preventDisplayAgain: boolean

The other interaction. Valid when dialog's mode is FIXED. Users must check the checkbox box before closing the dialog. The window will never display again

sizeMode: {}

The dialog size mode.

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