Jimu for Builder

The jimu-for-builder package is designed to support developing the widget setting page. The setting page is the section of the builder that the experience author adds widget configuration.

Included in the package is the AllWidgetSettingProps type, which is a union of the WidgetSettingProps interface and WidgetSettingInjectedProps type.

A common use case for this package is importing the AllWidgetSettingProps type and then making use of the WidgetSettingProps onSettingChange callback function. When a setting is changed via the experience author's workflow, this function is called to save the changed value into the widget configuration (e.g. props.id and props.useMapWidgetIds). This pattern is usually paired with parts of the jimu-ui package. In this example, we commonly use the MapWidgetSelector. The function is called when a Map widget item is selected and the useMapWidgetIds array of Map widget IDs is updated with what the onSelect function returns.

In summary, you will use the jimu-for-builder package when constructing a widget's setting page.

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