Query parameter which supports SQL.

Inheritance: SqlQueryParamsQueryParams


groupByFieldsForStatistics optional
groupByFieldsForStatistics: string[]

One or more jimuFieldName by which the values will be grouped for calculating the statistics.

orderByFields optional
orderByFields: string[]

One or more jimuFieldName by which the features/records will be ordered. Use ASC for ascending and DESC for descending. The following fields are used to control the ordering. orderByFields is set to ASC (ascending order) by default if is unspecified.

outFields optional
outFields: string[]

The list of fields to be included in the returned result set.

page optional
page: number

Page number starts from 1, not 0.

pageSize optional
pageSize: number

Page size.

where optional
where: string

A where clause for the query.

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