Parameters of DataSource's constructor.


belongToDataSource optional
belongToDataSource: DataSource

Data source that the to-be-created data source belongs to.

dataSourceJson optional
dataSourceJson: IMDataSourceJson

dataSourceJson or belongToDataSource is either-or option. Pass dataSourceJson will create a main data source. Pass belongToDataSource will create data view or local data source.

dataViewId optional
dataViewId: string

If dataViewId exists, a data view will be created.

id: string

The data source id.

localId optional
localId: string

if localId exists, a local data source will be created.

order optional
order: number

Order in the parent data source.

sourceRecords optional
sourceRecords: FeatureDataRecord[]

If all of the data is holded in the data source instance, put the data in the source records. For others, the data may come from AGOL/portal item or a remote database.

Only main data source or selection view will save source records, if current data source is a view of selection view, will use selection view's source records, else, will use main data source's source records.

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