JimuMapViewConstructorOptions is used in the constructor of the JimuMapView, to initiate a JimuMapView instance.


dataSourceId: string

The dataSourceId is the id of the datasource selected to create the map.

isActive optional
isActive: boolean

The isActive property indicates whether the map in the map widget is accessible. For example, for a single-source map, there is a single JimuMapView instance, therefore, the isActive is always true. With a multi-source map, there are two JimuMapView instances. In the multi-source map, the property isActive is true for the top JimuMapView instance, and false for the one beneath. Upon clicking the switch map tool, the isActive properties will switch.

isEnablePopup optional
isEnablePopup: boolean

The isEnablePopup property indicates whether to display popups when features in the view are clicked.

mapWidgetId: string

The widget id to create the JimuMapView instance.

view: MapView | SceneView

The view is the ArcGIS API for JavaScript View, including aMapView or aSceneView. In the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, the MapView and SceneView are part of the __esri namespace types. Thus, their types are __esri.MapView and __esri.SceneView.

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