The DataSourceComponent component props.


children optional
children: DataRenderFunction | ReactNode

If one of your children component's render depends on data source, please use this render function. Otherwise, even if the data record in the data source is changed, your children will not be re-rendered unless you connect the data source info in the children owner component to re-render the owner component.

See here for the difference between parent and owner context:

onCreateDataSourceFailed optional
onCreateDataSourceFailed: (errany) => void

Failing to create data source will call the function.

onDataSourceCreated optional
onDataSourceCreated: (dsDataSource) => void

If one data source is used by mutiple widgets, every widget will receive the onDataSourceCreated callback.

onDataSourceInfoChange optional
onDataSourceInfoChange: (infoIMDataSourceInfo, preInfo?IMDataSourceInfo) => void

Data source info changing will call the function.

onDataSourceSchemaChange optional
onDataSourceSchemaChange: (schemaIMDataSourceSchema, prevSchema?IMDataSourceSchema) => void

If data source schema is changed, will call the function.

onQueryRequired optional
onQueryRequired: (queryRequiredInfoQueryRequiredInfo, preQueryRequiredInfo?QueryRequiredInfo) => void

Widgets may not pass in query props to load records into data source instance. In this case, widgets still need to listen to data source changes to refresh themselves. This callback is triggered whenever the data source properties such as filters or gdbVersion change. For example, adding a filter to data source will trigger the callback and selecting a record won't.

Please note this callback will be valid only when the query prop is not used.

query optional
query: QueryParams

Query parameters of queriable data source. The component does not execute a query without query property. To execute a query without adding new filter, please use an empty object: {}.

queryCount optional
queryCount: boolean

Whether query record count when query data records.

useDataSource: IMUseDataSource

Data source used by widget.

widgetId optional
widgetId: string

Pass widgetId/localId if need to execute the query.

For main data source or data view, please use widgetId. For local data source, please use localId. The recommended localId is: widgetId + ???

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