10.2.5: Class List
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAGSAddressCandidateRepresents an address and its location
 CAGSAlgorithmicColorRampAlgorithmic color ramp class
 CAGSApplication(AGSAdditions)A category on UIApplication containing convenience methods
 CAGSAreasAndLengthsParametersParameters for computing areas and lengths
 CAGSAttachmentAn attachment belonging to a feature
 CAGSAttachmentInfoInformation about an attachment
 CAGSAttachmentManagerManages attachments belonging to a feature
 C<AGSAttachmentManagerDelegate>A delegate of AGSAttachmentManager
 CAGSAttributeParameterTransportation network parameter descriptor
 CAGSBase64Utility to help encode/decode strings in base 64
 CAGSBingMapLayerA layer based on Bing Maps
 CAGSBingMapLayerMetadataMetadata for Bing Maps layer
 CAGSBufferParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's bufferWithParameters: operation
 CAGSCalloutA callout window
 C<AGSCalloutDelegate>A delegate of AGSCallout
 CAGSCalloutTemplateA token-based AGSInfoTemplate
 C<AGSCancellable>A protocol exposed by operations that allow cancellation
 CAGSClassBreakA class break for the AGSClassBreaksRenderer
 CAGSClassBreaksDefinitionThis class defines a class breaks renderer when requesting a renderer from a dynamic map service's generateRenderer REST endpoint
 CAGSClassBreaksRendererA renderer based on class breaks
 CAGSClassificationDefinitionA base class for classification definitions
 CAGSCLLocationManagerLocationDisplayDataSourceA datasource for AGSLocationDisplay based on Core Location
 CAGSClosestFacilityResultThe result of the AGSClosestFacilityTask
 CAGSClosestFacilityTaskA task to find closest facilities around a location
 C<AGSClosestFacilityTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSClosestFacilityTask
 CAGSClosestFacilityTaskParametersParameters for AGSClosestFacilityTask
 CAGSClosestFacilityTaskResultThe result from an AGSClosestFacilityTask operation
 CAGSCodedValueRepresents coded values of AGSCodedValueDomain
 CAGSCodedValueDomainRepresents a coded-value domain
 C<AGSCoding>A protocol to convert objects to and from JSON
 CAGSColorRampA base class for color ramps
 CAGSCompositeSymbolA composite symbol composed of multiple symbols
 CAGSCostAttributeTransportation network cost attribute description
 CAGSCredentialRepresents an credential to access a secured resource
 CAGSCredentialCacheA cache containing credentials to reuse
 CAGSDensifyParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's densifyWithParameters: operation
 CAGSDeviceAn object to assist with device specific properties
 CAGSDirectionEventA single direction event
 CAGSDirectionGraphicA single maneuver in a series of driving direction
 CAGSDirectionSetObject containing an array of graphics returned by an AGSRoute
 CAGSDistanceParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's distanceWithParameters: operation
 CAGSDomainAn attribute domain
 CAGSDrawingInfoInstances of this class represent drawing information about a sub-layer of a dynamic ArcGIS Map Service
 CAGSDynamicLayerA base class for dynamic layers
 CAGSDynamicLayer(ForSubclassEyesOnly)Information relevant to sublcasses of AGSDynamicLayer
 CAGSDynamicLayerInfoInformation about a layer
 CAGSDynamicMapServiceLayerA layer based on a dynamic ArcGIS Map service
 CAGSEditFieldsInfoInformation about edit tracking fields
 CAGSEditResultAn edit result
 CAGSEditResultErrorAn edit error
 CAGSEnvelopeAn envelope object
 CAGSExportTileCacheParamsParameters for AGSExportTileCacheTask to create and download a tile cache
 CAGSExportTileCacheSizeEstimateSize estimate of a tile cache requested by AGSExportTileCacheTask
 CAGSExportTileCacheTaskA task to download a basemap tiles
 CAGSFacilityGraphicGraphic used as input to the AGSServiceAreaTask and AGSClosestFacilityTask
 C<AGSFeature>An abstract geographic feature
 CAGSFeatureLayerA layer based on an ArcGIS Server map/feature service layer
 CAGSFeatureLayer(Editing)A category on AGSFeatureLayer containing methods related to editing
 CAGSFeatureLayerAttachmentResultsResults of attachment edit operations
 C<AGSFeatureLayerEditingDelegate>An editing delegate of AGSFeatureLayer
 CAGSFeatureLayerEditResultsResults of feature edit operations
 C<AGSFeatureLayerQueryDelegate>A delegate of AGSFeatureLayer
 CAGSFeatureServiceInfoInformation about an ArcGIS Feature service
 CAGSFeatureServiceSyncCapabilitiesCapabilities supported by a sync-enabled service
 CAGSFeatureSetA set of features
 CAGSFeatureTableA dataset in a local storage
 CAGSFeatureTableLayerA layer that can display features from local datasets
 CAGSFeatureTemplateRepresents all of the information needed to create a feature
 CAGSFeatureTypeEncapsulates properties of types of features in a feature layer
 CAGSFieldAn object that represents information about a layer
 CAGSFillSymbolA base class for fill symbols
 CAGSFindParametersParameters for an AGSFindTask operation
 CAGSFindResultA result of AGSFindTask operation
 CAGSFindTaskA task to perform simple, textual searches
 C<AGSFindTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSFindTask
 CAGSGDBAttachmentAn attachment in a local geodatabase
 CAGSGDBEditErrorsEdit errors encountered during sync
 CAGSGDBFeatureA feature in a local geodatabase
 CAGSGDBFeatureEditErrorAn error generated from synchronizing an edited feature in a sync enable geodatabase
 CAGSGDBFeatureServiceTableA dataset from an ArcGIS Map or Feature service
 C<AGSGDBFeatureSourceInfo>Information about a feature source
 CAGSGDBFeatureTableA dataset in a local geodatabase
 CAGSGDBGenerateParametersParameters to download a sync-enabled geodatabase
 CAGSGDBGeodatabaseA geodatabase on disk
 CAGSGDBLayerQueryParameters to download a sync-enabled geodatabase
 CAGSGDBLayerSyncInfoSync parameters for a layer
 CAGSGDBQueryResultCursorA cursor for query results
 CAGSGDBSyncParametersParameters to synchronize a sync-enabled geodatabase with its originating service
 CAGSGDBSyncTaskA task to download a sync-enabled geodatabase
 CAGSGDBSyncTask(DebugSync)A category with debugging options for AGSGDBSyncTask
 CAGSGDBSyncTaskStatusInfoStatus information operations related to geodatabase sync-enabled geodatabases
 CAGSGDBTransactionA transaction for a local geodatabase
 CAGSGeneralizeParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's generalizeWithParameters: operation
 CAGSGenerateRendererParametersParameters for a AGSGenerateRendererTask
 CAGSGenerateRendererTaskTask to generate a renderer from a map service's generateDataClasses REST end-point
 CAGSGeodesicDistanceResultA result of AGSGeometryEngine::geodesicDistanceBetweenPoint1:point2:inUnits: method
 CAGSGeodesicEllipseParametersParameters for geodesicEllipseWithParameters: (AGSGeometryEngine)
 CAGSGeodesicSectorParametersParameters for geodesicSectorWithParameters: (AGSGeometryEngine)
 CAGSGeometryBase class for all geometry objects
 CAGSGeometryEngineAn engine to perform geometric operations
 CAGSGeometryRelationshipObject returned by AGSGeometryServiceTask's relationWithParameters: operation
 CAGSGeometryServiceTaskA task to perform geometric operations
 CAGSGeometryServiceTask(AGSGeometryArray)Group of methods to perform calculations on array of geometry objects
 CAGSGeometryServiceTask(AreasAndLengths)Group of methods to perform area and length calculations
 C<AGSGeometryServiceTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSGeometryServiceTask
 CAGSGeoprocessorAn object to invoke geoprocessing tasks
 C<AGSGeoprocessorDelegate>A delegate of AGSGeoprocessor
 CAGSGPJobInfoAn object containing information about an asynchronous GP task
 CAGSGPLinearUnitA data object containing a linear distance
 CAGSGPMessageA message generated by a geoprocessing task
 CAGSGPParameterValueAn input/ouptut parameter of a geoprocessing task
 CAGSGPRasterDataA data object containing a raster data source
 CAGSGPResultLayerA dynamic layer returned from a gp task
 CAGSGPXLocationDisplayDataSourceSimulates location updates based on a GPX file
 CAGSGraphicA graphic on the map
 CAGSGraphicsLayerA layer to display graphics on the map
 CAGSGroupLayerA group layer object
 C<AGSHitTestable>Protocol defining behavior for hit-testing and callout
 CAGSIdentifyParametersParameters for a AGSIdentifyTask operation
 CAGSIdentifyResultA result of AGSIdentifyTask operation
 CAGSIdentifyTaskA task to perform identify operations
 C<AGSIdentifyTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSIdentifyTask
 CAGSImageDataRequestOperationAn operation to request data for an image from a resource
 CAGSImageParametersThe parameters to be used when exporting a map image
 CAGSImageRequestOperationAn operation to fetch an image from a web service
 C<AGSImageServiceIdentifyDelegate>A delegate of AGSImageServiceIdentifyTask
 CAGSImageServiceIdentifyParametersInput parameters for the Image Service Identify Task
 CAGSImageServiceIdentifyResultAn object representing the result of an Image Service Identify Task
 CAGSImageServiceIdentifyTaskIdentify operation for an Image Service resource
 CAGSImageServiceInfoInformation about an ArcGIS Server image service
 CAGSImageServiceLayerA layer based on an ArcGIS Image service
 CAGSIncidentGraphicGraphic used as input to the AGSServiceAreaTask and AGSClosestFacilityTask
 C<AGSInfoTemplateDelegate>A template describing the contents of AGSCallout for a graphic
 CAGSJSONRequestOperationAn operation to fetch JSON from a web service
 CAGSJSONUtilityUtility interface for dealing with JSON
 CAGSKeychainItemWrapperA convenience class to store and retrieve objects in the keychain
 CAGSLabelClassRepresents labelling properties
 CAGSLayerA base class for all layers
 CAGSLayer(ForSubclassEyesOnly)Information relevant to sublcasses of AGSLayer
 C<AGSLayerCalloutDelegate>Delegate to display callouts for a layer's features
 CAGSLayerDefinitionRepresents a layer definition
 C<AGSLayerDelegate>A delegate of AGSLayer
 CAGSLayerInfoInformation about a layer
 CAGSLayerMapSourceAn on-the-fly created layer source
 CAGSLayerSourceA base class for layer source objects
 CAGSLayerTimeOptionsOptions pertaining to time-aware layers
 CAGSLengthsParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's lengthsWithParameters: operation
 CAGSLicenseClass representing a license object
 CAGSLicenseInfoClass representing a license info object
 CAGSLocalTiledLayerA layer based on a tile package
 CAGSLocalTiledSubLayerInfoInformation about an AGSLocalTiledLayer's sublayers
 CAGSLocationAn object that represents a location to be used by the location display
 CAGSLocationDisplayProvides a location display over an AGSMapView
 C<AGSLocationDisplayDataSource>An abstract source of location updates
 C<AGSLocationDisplayDataSourceDelegate>A delegate of the location datasource
 C<AGSLocationDisplayInfoTemplateDelegate>A template describing the contents of AGSCallout for a location display
 CAGSLocationsForAddressParametersParameters of locationForAddresss operation on AGSLocator
 CAGSLocatorA locator to geocode and reverse-geocode addresses
 C<AGSLocatorDelegate>A delegate of AGSLocator
 CAGSLocatorFieldAn object that represents information about a locator field
 CAGSLocatorFindParametersParameters for a find operation on AGSLocator
 CAGSLocatorFindResultResults from a find operation on a AGSLocator
 CAGSLocatorInfoRepresents locator service information
 CAGSLocatorSettingsPerformance optimization settings for AGSLocator
 CAGSLODA scale level of a cached map service
 CAGSMapContentsLayerInfoRepresents a layer in a map
 CAGSMapContentsLegendElementModel object for representing one element in a legend
 CAGSMapContentsTreeA tree that represents all the layers in a map
 CAGSMapServiceDocumentInfoInformation about the backing document for an ArcGIS service
 CAGSMapServiceInfoInformation about an ArcGIS Server map service
 C<AGSMapServiceInfoDelegate>A delegate of AGSMapServiceInfo
 CAGSMapServiceLayerInfoInformation about a layer in an ArcGIS Server service
 CAGSMapServiceTableInfoInformation about a table in an ArcGIS Server service
 CAGSMapViewA View component to display maps
 CAGSMapViewBaseA base class for AGSMapView
 C<AGSMapViewCalloutDelegate>A delegate of AGSMapView
 C<AGSMapViewLayerDelegate>A delegate of AGSMapView
 C<AGSMapViewTouchDelegate>A delegate of AGSMapView
 CAGSMarkerSymbolA base class for marker symbols
 CAGSMosaicRuleDefines how individual images should be mosaicked
 CAGSMPDictionaryRendererA dictionary renderer object
 CAGSMPMessageA message object
 CAGSMPMessageHelperA message helper object
 CAGSMPMessageProcessorA message processor object
 CAGSMPSymbolDictionaryA symbol dictionary object
 CAGSMPSymbolDictionaryFilterA symbol dictionary filter
 CAGSMPSymbolDictionaryQueryA symbol dictionary query object
 CAGSMultipartColorRampMultipart color ramp class
 CAGSMultipointA multipoint object
 CAGSMutableEnvelopeA mutable envelope object
 CAGSMutableMultipointA mutable multipoint object
 CAGSMutablePointA mutable point object
 CAGSMutablePolygonA mutable polygon object
 CAGSMutablePolylineA mutable polyline object
 CAGSNADirectionsStringA direction maneuver
 CAGSNALayerDefinitionPossible input object for stops/facilities/incidents/barriers
 CAGSNALayerInfoBaseAbstract class, do not instantiate
 CAGSNAMessageRepresents a message from a network analyst task
 C<AGSNetworkActivityDelegate>A delegate that is informed about changes in the network activity indicator
 CAGSNetworkDescriptionTransportation network description
 CAGSOAuthLoginViewControllerA view controller to facilitate secure authorization via OAuth2
 CAGSOffsetParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's offsetWithParameters: operation
 CAGSOpenStreetMapLayerA layer based on OpenStreetMap
 CAGSOutStatisticParameters for a statistic calculation
 C<AGSPausable>A protocol exposed by jobs or operations that allow pausing and resuming
 CAGSPictureFillSymbolA fill symbol based on an image
 CAGSPictureMarkerSymbolA marker symbol based on an image
 CAGSPointA point object
 CAGSPoint(CoordinateConversion)Category methods for conversion between string and object representations
 CAGSPolygonA polygon object
 CAGSPolylineA polyline object
 CAGSPopupA popup which displays a graphic's information
 CAGSPopupFieldInfoInformation about a field in a popup
 CAGSPopupInfoA popup definition
 CAGSPopupMediaInfoInformation about a single media in a popup
 C<AGSPopupsContainer>An abstraction for a container of popups
 C<AGSPopupsContainerDelegate>A delegate of AGSPopupsContainerViewController
 CAGSPopupsContainerViewControllerA view controller for displaying popups
 CAGSPortalAn Object representing a Portal for ArcGIS
 C<AGSPortalDelegate>A delegate of AGSPortal
 CAGSPortalFolderRepresents a folder of content within the Portal or Organization
 CAGSPortalGroupRepresents a group within the Portal or Organization
 C<AGSPortalGroupDelegate>The delegate of AGSPortalGroup
 CAGSPortalInfoInformation about a Portal or Organization
 C<AGSPortalInfoDelegate>A delegate of AGSPortalInfo
 CAGSPortalItemObject representing a unit of content in the portal
 CAGSPortalItemCommentA comment for a portal's item
 CAGSPortalItemContentParametersContent for a new AGSPortalItem
 C<AGSPortalItemDelegate>The delegate of AGSPortalItem
 CAGSPortalQueryParamsDefines a query on a portal
 CAGSPortalQueryResultSetResults of a query on a portal
 CAGSPortalUserAn object representing a registered user of the portal or organization
 C<AGSPortalUserDelegate>The delegate of AGSPortalUser
 CAGSProximityResultThe result of a proximity search
 CAGSQueryParameters for a AGSQueryTask operation
 CAGSQueryTaskA task to perform structured queries
 C<AGSQueryTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSQueryTask
 CAGSRangeDomainAn object representing a range domain
 CAGSRasterFunctionThe rendering rule to be used for an image service's export image operation
 CAGSRelationParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's relationWithParameters: operation
 CAGSRelationshipAn object representing the relationship between two layers/tables
 CAGSRelationshipQueryParameters for a AGSQueryTask operation to query related records
 CAGSRendererA base class for renderers
 CAGSRequestWrapper class to request data from a URL
 CAGSRequestOperationBase class for operations that perform http requests
 CAGSRestrictionAttributeTransportation network restriction attribute description
 C<AGSResumableTaskJob>A protocol exposed by operations that allow resumption
 CAGSRouteResultThe result of the AGSRouteTask
 CAGSRouteTaskA task to compute routes
 C<AGSRouteTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSRouteTask
 CAGSRouteTaskParametersInput paramters for AGSRouteTask
 CAGSRouteTaskResultResult of an AGSRouteTask solve operation
 CAGSRunLoopOperationBase class for concurrent operations that should run on a run loop thread
 CAGSRuntimeEnvironmentClass representing the ArcGIS Runtime Environment
 CAGSSBJsonParserParse JSON Strings and NSData objects
 CAGSSBJsonStreamParserParse a stream of JSON data
 CAGSSBJsonStreamParserAdapterAGSSBJsonStreamParserDelegate protocol adapter
 C<AGSSBJsonStreamParserAdapterDelegate>Delegate for getting objects & arrays from the stream parser adapter
 C<AGSSBJsonStreamParserDelegate>Delegate for interacting directly with the stream parser
 CAGSSBJsonStreamWriterThe Stream Writer class
 CAGSSBJsonWriterThe JSON writer class
 CAGSScreenProvides information about the device screen
 C<AGSSecuredResource>A protocol to aid in handling of secured resources
 CAGSServiceAreaTaskA task to compute service areas
 C<AGSServiceAreaTaskDelegate>A delegate of AGSServiceAreaTask
 CAGSServiceAreaTaskParametersInput parameters for AGSServiceAreaTask
 CAGSServiceAreaTaskResultThe result from an AGSServiceAreaTask operation
 CAGSSimpleFillSymbolA fill symbol based on simple patterns
 CAGSSimpleLineSymbolA line symbol based on simple patterns
 CAGSSimpleMarkerSymbolA marker symbol based on simple shapes
 CAGSSimpleRendererA simple renderer
 CAGSSimulatedLocationDisplayDataSourceSimulates location updates based on a list of locations or a polyline geometry
 CAGSSketchGraphicsLayerA layer that allows the user to sketch geometries on the map
 CAGSSpatialReferenceA spatial reference object
 CAGSStopGraphicA stop along a route
 CAGSSymbolA symbol used to display a graphic
 CAGSTaskBase class for all ArcGIS task objects
 CAGSTask(AsyncServerJobs)A category on AGSTask to manage asynchronous server jobs
 CAGSTextSymbolA text symbol
 CAGSTiledLayerA base class for tiled layers
 CAGSTiledLayer(ForSubclassEyesOnly)Information relevant to sublcasses of AGSTiledLayer
 CAGSTiledMapServiceLayerA layer based on a tiled ArcGIS Map service
 CAGSTiledServiceLayerA super-class for all tiled service layers
 CAGSTiledServiceLayer(ForSubclassEyesOnly)Information relevant to sublcasses of AGSTiledServiceLayer
 CAGSTileInfoThe tiling scheme of an AGSTiledLayer
 CAGSTileKeyA tile key
 CAGSTimeExtentAn interface to hold a given time interval
 CAGSTimeInfoTime information details
 CAGSTimeReferenceContains information about how the time was measured
 CAGSTrimExtendParametersParameters for AGSGeometryServiceTask's trimExtendWithParameters: operation
 CAGSUniqueValueAn object representing value objects that are used in unique value renderers
 CAGSUniqueValueDefinitionThis class defines a unique value renderer when requesting a renderer from a dynamic map service's generateRenderer REST endpoint
 CAGSUniqueValueRendererA renderer based on unique values
 CAGSURLSessionManagerHandles NSURLSession related events for background downloads
 CAGSWebMapAn object representing a webmap
 CAGSWebMapBaseMapThe basemap layer(s) of a webmap
 CAGSWebMapBookmarkA spatial bookmark in a web map
 C<AGSWebMapDelegate>A delegate of AGSWebMap
 CAGSWebMapFeatureCollectionA feature collection in a web map
 CAGSWebMapLayerInfoInformation about top-level layers in a webmap
 CAGSWebMapQueryA predefined query stored in a web map
 CAGSWebMapQueryParameterA predicate in the where clause of a web map query
 CAGSWebMapSubLayerInfoInformation about sub-layers of a top level layer in a webmap
 CAGSWebTiledLayerA layer based on non-ArcGIS map tiles
 CAGSWMSLayerA layer based on an OGC-WMS map service
 CAGSWMSLayerInfoA class to represent the basic properties of a layer within a WMS map service
 CAGSWMTSInfoA class to facilitate the creation of an AGSWMTSLayer from a WMTS Server map service
 C<AGSWMTSInfoDelegate>A protocol that must be adopted in order create an AGSWMTSLayer
 CAGSWMTSLayerA layer based on an OGC-WMTS map service
 CAGSWMTSLayerInfoThe information for a layer based on a WMTS Server map service
 CAGSWMTSStyleA Style for a WMTS Server map service
 CNSData(NSData_AGSSBJsonParsing)Adds JSON parsing methods to NSData
 CNSDictionary(AGSAdditions)A category on NSDictionary containing convenience methods
 CNSError(AGSAdditions)A category on NSError to provide convenience methods
 CNSMutableDictionary(AGSAdditions)A category on NSDictionary containing convenience methods
 CNSObject(AGSSBProxyForJson)Enable JSON writing for non-native objects
 CNSObject(NSObject_AGSSBJsonWriting)Adds JSON generation to NSObject
 CNSString(NSString_AGSSBJsonParsing)Adds JSON parsing methods to NSString
 CNSURL(AGSAdditions)A category on NSURL containing convenience methods
 CNSURLConnection(AGSAdditions)A category on NSURLConnection containing convenience methods