License and deployment

ArcGIS Runtime license

Your Runtime Lite license string

Before you deploy your ArcGIS Runtime app into production, you're required to license it with one of the four ArcGIS Runtime licensing capabilities levels: Lite, Basic, Standard, or Advanced. ArcGIS Runtime extension licenses can also be applied to bring additional functionality into your app.

Other costs may be incurred when deploying your app, such as transactions used with ArcGIS Location Services. Refer to deployment and our FAQ for more information on the terms and conditions.

See the License topic to explore the ArcGIS Runtime license levels and to learn how to apply a license for your app.

Deploy your app

Apps built with ArcGIS Runtime require an ArcGIS Runtime deployment. The ArcGIS Runtime deployment contains the minimum set of ArcGIS Runtime components required to support the functionality in your app, from rendering maps to performing complex GIS analysis. Likewise, excluding unneeded components produces focused apps with a smaller footprint, containing bits only for the capabilities you need.

The details for deploying an ArcGIS Runtime app can vary according to the platform you are targeting. See Deployment for more information.

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