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This resource returns the progress and status messages of an asynchronous job. Updated progress information can be acquired by periodically querying this operation.

Request parameters


The response format. The default format is html.

Values: html | json | pjson

Example usage

The following is a sample request URL used to access an individual job resource:

JSON Response examples

The following response is returned upon the initial query to the job resource after an asynchronous operation was initiated. While a job is still in progress, the job's status will return EXECUTING.

  "updatedtime": 1635961542589,
  "jobid": "j2bcbcd49-83a4-4cc1-a034-40e4a266e96d",
  "endtime": 0,
  "starttime": 1635961542583,
  "operationURI": "/context/admin/services/FireWatchWeather.MapServer/edit",
  "status": "EXECUTING",
  "username": "serviceAdmin"

The sample response below is an example of a successful asynchronous operation, returning a status of COMPLETED. This final JSON response returns the full GIS service JSON object and associated job information, such as the job's jobid, as well as its starttime and endtime.

  "result": {
    "service": {
      "allowedUploadFileTypes": "",
      "private": false,
      "maxUsageTime": 600,
      "description": "Updating description using the edit operation, run asynchronously",
      "maxInstancesPerNode": 2,
      "minInstancesPerNode": 1,
      "datasets": [],
      "type": "MapServer",
      "frameworkProperties": {},
      "instancesPerContainer": 1,
      "recycleStartTime": "00:00",
      "maxUploadFileSize": 0,
      "provider": "ArcObjects11",
      "clusterName": "default",
      "deploymentId": "kx21q2lis4z5beekzep0k",
      "id": "sckomokcru548qo27uhde",
      "maxStartupTime": 300,
      "capabilities": "Map,Query,Data",
      "maxWaitTime": 60,
      "recycleInterval": 24,
      "maxIdleTime": 180,
      "serviceName": "FireWeatherWatch",
      "loadBalancing": "ROUND_ROBIN",
      "keepAliveInterval": -1,
      "configuredState": "STOPPED",
      "isDefault": false,
      "extensions": [
          "allowedUploadFileTypes": "",
          "capabilities": "GetCapabilities,GetFeatureInfo,GetLegendGraphic,GetMap,GetSchemaExtension,GetStyles",
          "maxUploadFileSize": 0,
          "typeName": "WMSServer",
          "enabled": "true",
          "properties": {
            "name": "SampleWorldCities",
            "title": "WMS"
          "allowedUploadFileTypes": "",
          "capabilities": "SingleImage,SeparateImages,Vectors",
          "maxUploadFileSize": 0,
          "typeName": "KmlServer",
          "enabled": "true",
          "properties": {
            "compatibilityMode": "GoogleEarth",
            "useDefaultSnippets": "true",
            "featureLimit": "1000000",
            "minRefreshPeriod": "30",
            "imageSize": "1024",
            "dpi": "96"
          "allowedUploadFileTypes": "",
          "capabilities": "Create,Query,Update,Delete,Uploads",
          "maxUploadFileSize": 0,
          "typeName": "FeatureServer",
          "enabled": "false",
          "properties": {}
      "isolationLevel": "HIGH",
      "folderName": "",
      "properties": {
        "useLocalCacheDir": "true",
        "outputDir": "/arcgisusr/directories/arcgisoutput",
        "cacheDir": "/arcgisusr/directories/arcgiscache",
        "maxScale": "4000",
        "filePath": "/arcgis/framework/etc/data/WorldCities/",
        "maxRecordCount": "1000",
        "supportedImageReturnTypes": "MIME+URL",
        "clientCachingAllowed": "true",
        "isCached": "false",
        "virtualOutputDir": "/rest/directories/arcgisoutput",
        "maxExportTilesCount": "100000",
        "ignoreCache": "false",
        "exportTilesAllowed": "false",
        "outputStore": "{...}",
        "cacheOnDemand": "false",
        "minScale": "295000000",
        "serviceId": "sckomokcru548qo27uhde"
      "portalProperties": {
        "isHosted": false,
        "portalItems": [
            "itemID": "79b641d2e7234b898cb56313d44a41f4",
            "type": "WMSServer"
  "updatedtime": 1635961402579,
  "jobid": "j47c0c626-7188-4053-be06-ae93de987b01",
  "endtime": 1635961402584,
  "starttime": 1635961389632,
  "operationURI": "/context/admin/services/FireWeatherWatch.MapServer/edit",
  "status": "COMPLETED",
  "username": "serviceAdmin"