ICacheDescriptionInfo Interface

Provides access to members that provide the cache description info.


Name Description
Read/write property CacheControlInfo CacheControlInfo object.
Read/write property CacheType Cache type.
Read/write property LayerCacheInfos LayerCacheInfos object.
Read/write property TileCacheInfo TileCacheInfo object.
Read/write property TileImageInfo TileImageInfo object.

ICacheDescriptionInfo.CacheControlInfo Property

CacheControlInfo object.

Public Property CacheControlInfo As ICacheControlInfo
public ICacheControlInfo CacheControlInfo {get; set;}

ICacheDescriptionInfo.CacheType Property

Cache type.

Public Property CacheType As esriCachedMapServiceType
public esriCachedMapServiceType CacheType {get; set;}

ICacheDescriptionInfo.LayerCacheInfos Property

LayerCacheInfos object.

Public Property LayerCacheInfos As ILayerCacheInfos
public ILayerCacheInfos LayerCacheInfos {get; set;}

ICacheDescriptionInfo.TileCacheInfo Property

TileCacheInfo object.

Public Property TileCacheInfo As ITileCacheInfo
public ITileCacheInfo TileCacheInfo {get; set;}

ICacheDescriptionInfo.TileImageInfo Property

TileImageInfo object.

Public Property TileImageInfo As ITileImageInfo
public ITileImageInfo TileImageInfo {get; set;}

Classes that implement ICacheDescriptionInfo

Classes Description


CacheDescriptionInfo includes information on a cached map service. This includes its cache type, its tiling scheme (ITileCacheInfo), image information (ITileImageInfo) and control information (ICacheControlInfo). The cache description also includes an array of layer cache infos that can be used to determine if a specific layer has a cache in the case of map services that have a multi layer cache.

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