IMapServerFindResult Interface

Provides access to the Map Server Find Result Interface. Use IMapServerFindResult2 for 64 bit OIDs.

When To Use

Use IMapServerFindResult to access properties of map features returned as a result of using the IMapServer Findmethod.


Name Description
Read/write property FeatureId The ID of the found feature.
Read/write property FeatureProperties A set of name-value pairs for the found features's field names and values.
Read/write property FeatureShape The geometry of the found feature.
Read/write property FieldName The field name.
Read/write property LayerID The layer ID.
Read/write property Value The found value.

IMapServerFindResult.FeatureId Property

The ID of the found feature.

Public Property FeatureId As Integer
public int FeatureId {get; set;}

IMapServerFindResult.FeatureProperties Property

A set of name-value pairs for the found features's field names and values.

Public Property FeatureProperties As IPropertySet
public IPropertySet FeatureProperties {get; set;}

IMapServerFindResult.FeatureShape Property

The geometry of the found feature.

Public Property FeatureShape As IGeometry
public IGeometry FeatureShape {get; set;}


FeatureShape contains the geometry of a feature returned from a MapServer Find query. This geometry have the same spatial reference system as the DefaultMapDescription. When ILayerResultOptions is not used, the FeatureShape property returns geometry. If the Shape field is invisible in the source map, the FeatureShape property may still contain geometry depending on how IncludeGeometry is set by the user.

In some cases, for performance reasons, you may want limit or adjust the geometry being returned. Use ILayerResultOptions to manage this. If IncludeGeometry is set to False, FeatureShape returns nothing. This should increase performance in cases where feature geometry is large. You can also choose to densify or generalize the geometry returned in FeatureShape using GeometryResultOptions. Densification is used to better support clients that do not support Arcs (e.g. Bezier, Circular etc.). Generalization reduces the amount of geography being sent across the network and should lead to better performance.

Densified or generalized geometry should only be used for navigation or display purpose, such as zooming to, flashing, or highlighting the selected feature. For spatial queries, GeometryResultOptions should not be used as it may returns unexpected results. For more information on please see IGeometry, Densify, and Generalize .

IMapServerFindResult.FieldName Property

The field name.

Public Property FieldName As String
public string FieldName {get; set;}

IMapServerFindResult.LayerID Property

The layer ID.

Public Property LayerID As Integer
public int LayerID {get; set;}

IMapServerFindResult.Value Property

The found value.

Public Property Value As String
public string Value {get; set;}

Classes that implement IMapServerFindResult

Classes Description
MapServerFindResult The Map Server Find Result coclass provides information about a 'find result'.


MapServerFindResult honors field visibility and field aliases set in the source map.

MapServerFindResult includes a number of properties. Value and FieldName return respectively the value and field�s name of the primary display field for the feature. FeatureProperties returns a set Field-value pairs. These are returned as strings. This also includes the Shape field. To get geometry do not use the Shape field contained within the FeatureProperties� field-value pairs, use the FeatureShape property instead. If you are interested in information about the layer that the feature belongs to you can use LayerID.

In order to control the amount of information MapServer needs to process for a query, a maximum number of records can be set. This value is contained in the MaxRecordCount property on IMapServerInit2. The default value for this property is 500. If 600 features match a given query only the first 500 results will be returned. You will be unable to access the remaining 100 records. To be able to access these records the MaxRecordCount would need to be increased to 600.

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