IRelatedRecordSet Interface

Provides access to the RelatedRecordSet members.


Name Description
Read-only property RelatedRecordFields Fields of the values in the RelatedRecordGroups.
Read-only property RelatedRecordGroups Groups of records that are related to each row id.

IRelatedRecordSet.RelatedRecordFields Property

Fields of the values in the RelatedRecordGroups.

Public ReadOnly Property RelatedRecordFields As IFields
public IFields RelatedRecordFields {get;}

IRelatedRecordSet.RelatedRecordGroups Property

Groups of records that are related to each row id.

Public ReadOnly Property RelatedRecordGroups As IRelatedRecordGroups
public IRelatedRecordGroups RelatedRecordGroups {get;}

Classes that implement IRelatedRecordSet

Classes Description
RelatedRecordSet A colcass that contains related record groups and the fields of those related records.


When esriRelateResultRelatedRecordSetAsObject is selected as ResultFormat for QueryRelatedRecords function, it returns RelatedRecordSet embedded within a QueryResult. Use IQueryResult.Object to get RelatedRecordSet.

RelatedRecordFeilds is a list of all fields that are visible in the source map document or listed in IRelateDescription::RelatedTableFields property.

RelatedRecordGroups returns an array of IRelatedRecordGroup. Each RelatedRecordGroup contains related records for one source record/feature.

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