IGeoImageDescription Interface

Provides access to members that control an image description.


Name Description
Read/write property BandSelection The band selection.
Read/write property BSQ Indicates if output should be generated in BSQ pxiel interleave format.
Read/write property Compression The compression.
Read/write property CompressionQuality The compression quality.
Read/write property Extent The extent.
Read/write property GeoTransformation The geographic transformation required to transform from the source to the requested GCS.
Read/write property Height The Height in pixels.
Read/write property Interpolation The interpolation method.
Read/write property MosaicProperties The mosaic properties.
Read/write property MosaicRule The mosaic rule.
Read/write property NoData The output NoData (background) value.
Read/write property NoDataInterpretation The NoData interpretation.
Read/write property PixelType The data type of the pixels.
Read/write property RenderingRule The rendering rule.
Read/write property ResamplingHint The raster resampling hint.
Read/write property SpatialReference The Spatial Reference.
Read/write property ViewpointProperties The viewpoint properties.
Read/write property Width The Width in pixels.

IGeoImageDescription.BandSelection Property

The band selection.

Public Property BandSelection As ILongArray
public ILongArray BandSelection {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.BSQ Property

Indicates if output should be generated in BSQ pxiel interleave format.

Public Property BSQ As Boolean
public bool BSQ {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.Compression Property

The compression.

Public Property Compression As String
public string Compression {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.CompressionQuality Property

The compression quality.

Public Property CompressionQuality As Integer
public int CompressionQuality {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.Extent Property

The extent.

Public Property Extent As IEnvelope
public IEnvelope Extent {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.GeoTransformation Property

The geographic transformation required to transform from the source to the requested GCS.

Public Property GeoTransformation As IGeoTransformation
public IGeoTransformation GeoTransformation {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.Height Property

The Height in pixels.

Public Property Height As Integer
public int Height {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.Interpolation Property

The interpolation method.

Public Property Interpolation As rstResamplingTypes
public rstResamplingTypes Interpolation {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.MosaicProperties Property

The mosaic properties.

Public Property MosaicProperties As String
public string MosaicProperties {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.MosaicRule Property

The mosaic rule.

Public Property MosaicRule As IMosaicRule
public IMosaicRule MosaicRule {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.NoData Property

The output NoData (background) value.

Public Property NoData As Object
public object NoData {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.NoDataInterpretation Property

The NoData interpretation.

Public Property NoDataInterpretation As esriNoDataInterpretation
public esriNoDataInterpretation NoDataInterpretation {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.PixelType Property

The data type of the pixels.

Public Property PixelType As rstPixelType
public rstPixelType PixelType {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.RenderingRule Property

The rendering rule.

Public Property RenderingRule As IRenderingRule
public IRenderingRule RenderingRule {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.ResamplingHint Property

The raster resampling hint.

Public Property ResamplingHint As esriRasterResamplingHint
public esriRasterResamplingHint ResamplingHint {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.SpatialReference Property

The Spatial Reference.

Public Property SpatialReference As ISpatialReference
public ISpatialReference SpatialReference {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.ViewpointProperties Property

The viewpoint properties.

Public Property ViewpointProperties As String
public string ViewpointProperties {get; set;}

IGeoImageDescription.Width Property

The Width in pixels.

Public Property Width As Integer
public int Width {get; set;}

Classes that implement IGeoImageDescription

Classes Description
GeoImageDescription A class that specifies an image to read from an ArcGIS server image service.

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